Monday, May 9, 2011

Shelf Reliance Consultant Online Store--personal URL

If you have not set up an online Shelf Reliance store there are a few things you need to know:
Cost: $9.99 a month the first month is free.  It is charged at the first of each month to the credit card that you Q is tied to. 
How do I choose a URL name:  You can choose any URL that you want, unless it has already been taken?  Many consultants are choosing to use their name.  I recommend choosing something that is easy to remember and spell.  If your name has a weird spelling you might want to think about using something else. My last name is Lorimer and no one can ever spell it, so I choose not to make it a part of my URL.   The URL is the name you have chosen followed by The name I chose for my URL is “homeparties” so my URL looks like this
How does it credit sales to my account?  When a customer goes to your URL the sale is automatically tied to you.  The site uses cookies so even if the customer does not buy at that time, if he/she goes back to he/she will go to your site. 
How do I set up my online store?  Sariah has created a great video about setting up your URL.  To view the video go to:
How do I link to  my URL?  If you want to send customers an email with a link directly to your site you need to include your URL.  I find that it is often better to link directly to the item or category you are talking about in the e-mail.  For example if you are talking about the cansolidator you can link directly to the cansolidator  page.  But you need to be careful and make sure you are linking to your URL and not just the Shelf Reliance url.  To do this replace the www with your URL name.  For example if you go to the normal Shelf Reliance web page about the cansolidator pantry the page is:   
If you want it to link to your online store and there buy give you credit for the purchase you would link to
See how I replaced the www with my URL name “homeparties” ? 
Always be sure to check your link to make sure it works.  You will need to clear your cookies in order to make sure it is linking to you.
The link I use most of all is the link directly to the buy section of the page.  That is  This page allows them to choose what category they are interested in Food Rotation, food storage, or emergency preparedness.
Is it worth it to set up a URL?  For me it is.  I must admit that I was hesitant at first.  It is another $10.00 a month and I was not sure that I would get enough business to pay for the cost.  But the first month was free so I gave it a try and it has worked out great.  I get a couple of orders each week.  I would recommend a consultant URL to everyone. But know that people are not going to find your URL on their own you will need to advertise it.   I know of several consultants that are not having parties but are only selling product via their URL.  Several of them are having amazing sales. 


  1. Heather, you always have such great info!
    A few questions though:
    When I try to link to those urls (where you changed the www to homeparties), they just return an error. Tips?
    Also, I didn't think the first month was free anymore. What did I miss?
    Misty (

  2. They are working now. You are wonderful!