Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Setting Up a Q

2)   Click on Q-Set Up then  Enter the customers e-mail
3) Select the Party that the Q will be tied to. 
4.)  You can do one of two options. 
Option #1 Enter the information for the Family plan  (this is the Planner)
     And then Review the Planner--Making any changes needed.  When you press next it will move all the products to the Q. 

THRIVE Planner:  I like to have party customers “go on a shopping spree”  I give customers who are signing up for the Q a new price list and have them mark everything they want in their Q, and the quantities they would like.  Then I bypass the planner and just enter exactly what the customer wants.  However there are times when the planner is good.  You  can  set  up  a  generic  Planner  based on the family member the customer gave you or you can call the customer and customize it over the phone.  If you are setting up a planner here are a few tips.     
  •          I  suggest  going  through  the  Planner  and  adding  a  good  variety  of  foods.    
  •         Count  the  number  of  items  in  each  category  and  spread  it  out  more  evenly  
  •           If  this  is  a  single  customer,  student,  elderly,  exchange  1,  #10  can  for  3  pantry  cans      
  •           If  this  is  a  large  family  or  a  year’s  supply,  exchange  6,  #10  cans  for  a  case  
Customer  can  log  into  front  end  and  customize  Planner  and  send  updated  Planner  to  Q  on  their  own        
a)    When they do this they will receive a message like this:  “You  already  have  items  in  your  Thrive  Q.  What  would  you  like  to  do?”   They have two choices:
1.      If  you  would  like  to  add  a  few  changes  to  your  existing  Q  select  “Add  as  additional  items.”  
2.      If  you  would  like  to  clear  your  existing  Q  and  add  a  brand  new  Planner  select,  “Replace  my  existing  Q”    

Option #2  Choose the Thrive Quick Picks, and then enter the items the customer wants.
4.  Enter the Q Plan settings.  This includes the montly budget the ship date and the Q club membership level. 
The customers budget.  A customer can use any budget they want.  (yes it can be below $50.00).  I strive to have all Qs set up at $100.00 this allow customers to really build their food storage and to receive the platinum membership in the Q club for free.  I suggest getting the platinum membership and then buying what is on the Q-pon for that month.  This way the customer maximizes their savings.  
The ship  date  (the  same  every  month).  I encourage customers to choose a date that they will easily be able to remember, like their birthday or anniversary.  
  •         Do not choose:  the  15th,  it bogged  down  at  SR  with  this  date.  
  •         Do  not  choose  the  1st  of  the  month,  because  price  list  changes  and  customer  won’t have  time  to  look  it  over  before  the  Q  is  submitted.  
  •        Do not choose the 31st as there are a lot of months that don’t have a 31st in them.
The Q club:  Choose  Bronze  for  everyone  and  computer  will  upgrade  to  Platinum  when  Q  goes  through  and  qualifies.  
Customer  keeps  Free  Platinum  as  long  as  Q  is  active  
·         PAUSE  Q  and  restart  as  a  Platinum:  pay  the  $19.99  yearly  fee.    
·         STOP  the  Q  and  start  up  as  a  Platinum:  pay  the  $79.99  enrollment  fee  and  $19.99  yearly.  
·         They  can  always  start  up  again  as  a  Bronze  and  pay  nothing.

5)  Enter the  billing  information
6) Enter Shipping Information


7)  Enter Billing Information

Things to know about Setting up Qs   
  •     Customers  will  now  receive  a  reminder  e-­‐mail  from  SR  that  their  Q  will  ship  and  what  is  in  their  shipment  –  this  is  GREAT!  
  •     Send  Q  customer    letter  on  “Consultant  Dashboard”  after  their  Q  is  set  up.  This walks them through how to use the Q.  ( I have included the letter below)
  •    Q  customers  will  appear  under  “Customers”  →    “Q  Customers”  
     If  it  shows  that  the  Q  is  active,  but  has  no  ship  date,  this  means  that  the  Q  will  go  out  in  the  following  month.  
  •    Only  active  Qs  with  current  month’s  ship  date  will  show  date  on  Q  Customer  page.    
  Q Requirements:

  1.  Customers  are  required  to  keep  the  same  ship  date  and  for  3  months  on  the  Q,  after  that  they  have  flexibility  to  change  their  Q  Settings.  
  2.  They  need  to  keep  Q  Budget  fixed  the  1st  month,  then  they  can  increase  it  on  month  2-­
  3.   Qs  need  to  remain  active  for  a  minimum  of  3  months  make sure there is enough product in their Q to go for at least 3 months.  I like to have enough in their Q to go for 1 year.     
  Much of this is based on Becky Powell’s New Consultant Training Notes.  I have shared it with her permission and added my thoughts and images.

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