Monday, February 1, 2016

Thrive Life Love: $100 in free product for new consultants May 2016

I love being a Thrive Life Consultant.  It is one of the best decisions I’ve made.  This May I want to spread the Thrive Life Love.

When you become a Thrive Life consultant (with me as your enroller) and start your Thrive Life Q of $100 or more you’ll get:
  • $100 in free Thrive Life products (retail price)
  • $100 in Thrive Life products at ½ off (retail price)
*Fine Print:  You must sign up under Heather Lorimer Consultant ID #1209.  Your consultant kit and your first month’s Q must process before May 31, 2016.   After your Q has processed and your consultant kit has shipped, I’ll contact you with redemption instructions for your free and ½ off items This is offered by me and not by corporate Thrive Life or other consultants. 

If you have questions send me an email or give me a call in my home office at 435-535-1470.  

Requirements for being a consultant:
  1. Be on the monthly Thrive Q
  2. Buy a Starter Kit

Benefits of being a Thrive Life Consultant:
  • Get the best discounts on all products
  • The Starter Kits are a crazy good deal
  • 10% commission on all orders you take, even your own (excluding personal Q orders)
  • There are no sales quotas to hit.  Only a minimum $50 Q to earn commissions
  • Get ongoing commission for all customers on the Q
  • Sell online using your own consultant website
  • Earn free and half off product for yourself - a great way to fill your pantry and food storage
  • Store the highest quality food available - food you’ll want to eat
  • Interact with leaders in the Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness field
Personal Growth:
  • Learn new skills
  • Challenge yourself by setting and reaching goals within a supportive framework
  • The PATH training program guides you step by step through everything you need to know

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thrive Life Black Friday Sale

The Thrive Life Black Friday Sale has started.  START SHOPPING NOW!  Or check out the sales flyer.

*The Thrive Life server experienced some problems earlier this week.  If you run into any problems please call me 435-535-1470 and I'll submit your order for you.

Meat and Beans:
Pinto Beans save $4.10 per #10 can, 33% off
Beef Dices save $20.80 per #10 can, 31% off
Ground Beef save $9.30 per #10 can, 16% off
Chopped Chicken save $18.30 per #10 can, 33% off
Seasoned Chicken Slices save $12.40 per #10 can, 21% off
Lentils save $6.10 per #10 can, 44% off
Beef TVP save $4.70 per #10 can, 33% off
Chicken TVP save $4.20 per #10 can, save 32% off
Nonfat Powdered Milk save $4.60 per #10 can, 22% off
Shredded Cheddar Cheese save $8.20 per #10 can, 16% off
Fuji Apples save $6.00 per #10 can, 21% off
Red Seedless Grapes save $14.30 per #10 can, 36% off
Celery save $12.20 per #10 can 44% off
Tomato Powder save $9 per #10 can, 27% off
Harvest 72″ #10 or Traditional Shelf Unit: $249.99, 45% off
Cansolidator Cupboard: $16.99, 51% off
Cansolidator Pantry: $19.99, 56% off
Cansolidator Pantry Plus: $34.99, 44% off

Special Packages for this sale
There are three packs designed just for this sale.  They are filled with great products and are a great way to add the foods your family loves to your pantry.

View the Black Friday sale page then select "packages" to see the special packages.

Christmas Morning Pack
SALE: $313.49.  You save $66.65 when you buy the pack
2 Scrambled Egg Mix #10 1 White Flour (Unbleached) #10 1 Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix #10 1 10 Grain Pancake Mix #10 1 Instant Milk PC 1 Green Chili Peppers (FD) PC 1 Green Bell Peppers (FD) PC 1 Chopped Onions (FD) PC 1 Sausage Crumbles (FD) PC 1 Shredded Cheddar Cheese (FD) PC 1 Iodized Salt PC 1 Instant Dry Yeast PC 1 Ham Dices (FD) PC 1 Mushroom Pieces (FD) PC 1 Chef’s Choice Spice Can
New Year’s Eve Pack SALE
$267.29.  You save $85.23 when you buy the pack
2 Seasoned Chicken Slices #10 (FD) 1 Chopped Onions (FD) PC 1 Celery (FD) PC 1 Red Seedless Grapes (FD) PC 1 Shredded Parmesan Cheese (FD) PC 1 Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese (FD) PC 1 Scrambled Egg Mix PC 1 Green Onions (FD) PC 1 Shredded Cheddar Cheese (FD) PC 1 Sour Cream Powder PC 1 Chopped Spinach (FD) PC 1 Iodized Salt PC 1 Red Bell Peppers (FD) PC 1 Peppercorn Spice Can 1 Chef’s Choice Spice Can 1 Parsley Spice Can (FD) 1 Italian Seasoning Blend Spice Can (FD)
Kid Approved Pack SALE
$243.59.  You save $56.93 when you buy the pack
1 White Flour (Unbleached) #10 1 Country White Dough Mix #10 1 Instant Dry Yeast PC 1 Iodized Salt PC 1 Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (FD) PC 1 Tomato Sauce PC 1 Sausage Crumbles (FD) PC 1 Chopped Onions (FD) PC 1 Red Bell Peppers (FD) PC 1 Chopped Chicken (FD) PC 1 Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese (FD) PC 1 Instant Milk (PC) 1 Scrambled Egg Mix PC 1 Italian Seasoning Blend Spice Can 1 Basil Spice Can (FD) 1 Chef’s Choice Spice Can 1 Shredded Cheddar Cheese (FD) PC 1 Pure Vanilla Powder Spice Can

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza--a great party demo/sample

Recently I’ve changed up my party presentation (the entire presentation is coming soon) as a part of the presentation I’ve started having the guest make sugar cookie fruit pizza. 

It is super fun.  Guest LOVE participating and everyone I've done this with has loved the fruit pizza.

Purpose:  This activity is used as a part of the party presentation to help guests understand freeze dried food and how to rehydrate and use it in their kitchen.

You need:

        Powdered pineapple--blend dry freeze dried pineapple in dry blender or food processor
        Frosting-homemade or store bought *See recipe below.
        Pre cooked sugar cookies--use the Thrive Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix
        Freeze Dried Strawberries--not rehydrated
        Freeze Dried Blueberries-not rehydrated
        A food grade water squirt bottle
        A water tight clear tupperware container with lid.
        1 paper plate and napkin per guest (you can have the host provide this)
        Knife for spreading the frosting (a bent frosting spatula works great, but any knife is fine)
        A plate for the strawberries.

How to  do the presentation: 

1.  Eat  Freeze Dried Food Dry

Pass around samples of dry freeze dried strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple.  Briefly discuss the freeze drying process as the guests are eating. 

List some ways your family eats freeze dried food dry and ask them for more ideas.  Here are some of the ideas I have used:

    A quick healthy snack on the go

    Camping--men love to eat the meat dry

    School sack lunches--my kids love dry corn.  Crazy I know.

    As a salad topping, the FD tomatoes are amazing dry on a salad, it is like a tomato crouton that bursts with flavor.

2.  Rehydrate by Spritzing:

Select one guest to assist.

    Have them spread out a bunch of strawberries on a clean plate.  You only want a single layer of strawberries.

    Give them a food grade squirt bottle filled with warm water (it is delicious with a little lemon in the water)  and have them spritz the strawberries. 

    Tell them:  Some foods are delicate when freeze dried.  These foods only need a little water in order to rehydrate.  Foods like berries and cheese rehydrate well when spritzed with warm water.

    Have the helper turn the strawberries over and spritz the second side. 

    Let the strawberries sit.

3.  Rehydrate by tumbling

    Select one guest to help.

    Add blueberries to the watertight clear container.

    add water until they float--point out that most freeze dried food only needs enough water to float.  Don’t drown the blueberries just float them.

    Add lid, and secure so the container won’t leak. 

    Give the container to the helper and instruct them to tumble the blueberries by gently rolling the container in their hands. (they’ll do this until you tell them to stop)

4.  Add it to your favorites


One of the best things about thrive is you can add it to your favorite recipes to make it fancy with out a lot of hassle. 

Select one guest to help.

    Instruct them to add  the pineapple powder to the frosting and stir. 

    While they are doing that.  Explain that at the bottom of each can there is a little powder from the freeze dried fruit.  This powder is magic.  It adds intense flavor to your food.  We love to add it to frosting or smoothies, or use veggie powder to dust pizza crust or flavor soup.

    I powdered this pineapple in my blender because I love it in frosting so much.

    Have the blueberry helper stop tumbling and drain any excess water.   

    When the frosting is well mixed have the helper demonstrate how each guest will assemble the fruit pizza.  Cookie → Pineapple Frosting → rehydrated strawberries. →  rehydrated blueberries. 

    Have each guest make one and then eat them as you explain the Q.

Pineapple Glaze Recipe--from Chef Todd at Summit Saturday

1 cup Thrive Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks, dry

1 ½ cup powdered sugar

½ teaspoons Thrive vanilla powder

3 Tablespoons water or milk

    Place pineapple in a ziplock bag and crush to powder or blend in food processor. 

    Mix all ingredients together and stir until smooth

    Think glaze to desired consistency with addition water.

Serving ideas:  This glaze is great on cookies, cakes, muffins, and more!

Weekly Goals-Jan 12th

This week is a little crazy for me.  I have two LARGE parties this week and that is pretty much all I’m going to get done.   

 I usually limit myself to 1 party a week because that is what works best for my family.  But sometimes it just works out that I have two in one week.  This is one of those weeks. 

The first party is a Meal in a Jar party for a Women’s group.  So far we have 58 women who have RSVP’d, and ordered their meal in a jar.  They had to order and pay in advance, so I could have all the supplies ready.  This party with have a short presentation and then we’ll assemble their meals in a jar.  This party is about 2 hours away from my home so on party day the travel will take up a lot of time.  

The second party is my local monthly meal in a jar group.  So far I have 8 people that will be attending.   I love these parties but they are a fair amount of work. 

Host Coaching/Party Scheduling:
1.       Mail Host packets
2.       Do “Day Before” call with Tuesday’s host.

1.      Contact Leads (call Allison Monday to schedule party, Call Lyndsi Wed to update her)

Party Prep
1.      Prep for Tuesday’s Meal in a Jar Party
2.      Prep for Thursday’s Local Meal in a Jar Group

Team Training:
1.                  Team email—My fun new party presentation

 Blogging Goals:
1.      Photograph the Burrito Bowl Meal in a Jar Recipe
2.      Create printable and graphics for Burrito Bowl Recipe
3.      Publish Goals
4.      Publish Burrito Bowls Meal in a Jar recipe.
5.      Publish fruit pizza post

Other goals:
1.  Listen to the Tuesday Night corporate call.  I have a party during the call so I’ll have to listen to it when it is available online. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

This Weeks Goals

Recently I asked on Facebook if anyone would be interested in seeing my weekly goals.  A couple of you said it would be helpful so here they are.

Note I usually make pretty ambitious goals and work like crazy during my "work hours", I don't always get everything done but I'd rather have a lot to do then spend time trying to decide what to do next. 

Goals for the week of January 5th

Host Coaching/Party Scheduling:
  1. Contact all January hosts
  2. Make sure auto reminders (in Google Calendar) are set up for All January and February parties
  3. Close any November or December parties that aren’t closed.
  4. Plan my personal Meal in a Jar Party (move the date, the RS activity is that Wednesday)
  5. Call potential host (that haven’t booked yet) from Emergency Prep Expo.  
 Customer Service:
  1.  Customer Email—including recipe, and tip.
  2. Thank you notes for online orders.
  1.  Contact potential consultant list—email those I haven’t heard from in a while.
  2. Contact those from Emergency Prep expo
  3. Facebook Meal in a Jar group—at least 3 posts this week plus 1 question.
Party Prep
  1. Prep for Scott Sperry’s party (Tuesday night)
  2. Prep for Marilyn’s party (Saturday Lasagna Soup Meal in a Jar, decide on a dessert, last time we did fruit pizza on sugar cookies so choose something else.)
  3. Laminate numbers for party bags & cards for bags
Team Training:
  1. Team email—Goals/Life Vision.  Send link to Ruth’s goal setting workbook.
  2.  Facebook—Share 3 past posts helpful posts.
  3.  Upcoming—new party presentation—finalize slides/handouts and recipes.  Set up a time to video.
 Blogging Goals:
  1. Publish Zuppa Toscana Recipe (already Scheduled)
  2.  Add Meal in a Jar invites to Etsy store.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Get Prepared for Taxes

November is a crazy busy month for my business.  I always have a bunch of parties in November and the huge Black Friday Sale is November, so I choose to do less in December.    
I don’t hold home parties (with the exception of the monthly meal in a jar party I have at my house).    I do keep working on my business.  I focus on organization, preparation, planning, and everyone’s favorite taxes.   

I get all of my tax documentation in order so I can take it to my accountant in the New Year.
I do that using an Excel Spreadsheet, and a 3 ring binder. 
Let me walk you through it.

The Binder: 
I use this throughout the year.  Don’t worry if you didn’t use it this year.  It is still a great way to catch up.
What I do:
I have a binder with a divider and envelop for each month.  I keep track of my finance by month and category. 

Here is what my binder looks like: 

Want to make your own?  Here is how.

You need:

  •  12 copies (one for each month) of  Monthly Expense Record
  • 12 Envelopes (to put receipts is)
  • 3 ring binder—or file folder (to organize it all) 
  • Hole punch

Write the name of each month on each of the monthly expense records.
Staple an envelope to the back of each month.
Punch holes in the side of everything
Insert into the binder.

The Excel Spread Sheet

I love love love this spreadsheet.  It makes going to the accountant to do taxes so much easier.  

Notice that each month has its own page to enter data on.  You enter the data on the monthly pages and it then everything auto populates to the first sheet and you have your income and expenses. 

You can download the 2014 Tax Spreadsheet here.
Disclaimer:  I’m not a tax professional be sure to consultant your own accountant.