Thursday, August 17, 2023

Thrive Life Back To School Sale August 2023


A few times a year Thrive Life has a sale on all their products.  During this sale there are a few items that are on an great discount usually 45-50% off.  This year the Thrive Life Back to School sale is  August 23-28th  but if you are a consultant with Thrive Life you can order a day early on Tuesday August 22.  

Items with the biggest discount: 

*Prices won't show up discounted on the website until the sale is live. 

50% off
Freeze Dried Mushroom $19.40 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Cranberries $23.94 for a Family Sized Can

45% off
Freeze Dried Seasoned Chicken Slices $71.71 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Confetti Cake Bites $17.50 for a Family Sized Can

40% off 
Freeze Dried Zucchini $19.50 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Peach Slices $30.58 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Raspberries 41.21 for a Family Sized Can

35% off
Freeze Dried Tomato Dices $13.38 for a PANTRY sized can
Freeze Dried Cauliflower $48.02 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Cucumber $35.32 for a Family Sized Can

The other big one is the new product the Thrive Life Basic Emergency Kit. 
This is a new product that is a sealed plastic bucket containing twelve freeze dried meals (2 each of six varieties)

Here's what you need to know about the Thrive Life Basic Emergency Bucket: 
  • Includes 12 meal pouches which contain a total of 36 1 cup servings.
  • 20 year shelf life
  • Made with freeze dried ingredients
  • Meals include, blueberry oatmeal, creamy beef with rotini pasta, cheesy chicken, creamy mashed potato bowl, south west style chicken, and breakfast skillet.
  • The Basic Meal Emergency Kit is not currently on the website and won't be until the sale starts.  

There is a consultant promotion on this item: 
You earn $20 in free thrive credit for every bucket you sell during the back to school sale.  
That's amazing!!!
This only works on customer orders NOT on consultant orders. 

If you are a consultant here is what you need to know and do
  • Change you My Deliveries order to ship on Tuesday August 22nd and load it with items on the sale.  Do the math to make sure the items will total which ever tier you need to obtain your commission.  The sale prices won't show up until the day of the sale.   Usually when their is a big sale I set my My Deliveries order to be at the highest commission level I'm hoping to earn.  
  • Read through the sales flyer and make sure you understand what's on sale and what you think customers will be excited about.  
  • Set up social media posts and emails in advance and schedule them to post.  In My Office there is an email templates (be sure to add your links) and a bunch of graphics you can use.  
  • Let your customers know about the sale.  Be specific about the details.  This way they can get some good stuff on sale. 

Here's are the links to the sales flyer for US customers.   Clicking on this link will start an auto download of the PDF. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Team Contest, The difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food, Brazilian lemonade recipe

With FREE SHIPPING on Consultant Starter Kits this month, now is the perfect time to share the opportunity!

For every enrollment you receive, comment on the Facebook post in our team group with your new team member's name. Each enrollment will get your name into a draw for $50 USD (retail) of FREE THRIVE of your choice!
*This contest is open to everyone in this group! Runs May 1-31.
**Yes I know we are half way through May but I thought it would be super fun to run a contest. All new enrollments in May count.
The Process
Dehydrated-- Food is heated and water is removed through evaporation.  20-50% of water removed
Freeze Dried-- Food is flash frozen and then put into a vacuum and water is vaporized.  98% of Water is removed

Shelf Life
Dehydrated—1-8 year shelf life
Freeze Dried--25 year shelf life

Dehydrated-- Salt, Sugar and other preservatives
Freeze Dried-- Few/No additives

Dehydrated--50-60% of nutrients retained
Freeze Dried--97% of nutrients retained

Taste and Texture
Dehydrated-- Food is chewy, and flavor is muted.
Freeze Dried-- Food is crunchy and intensely flavored when dry, when rehydrated the texture and taste are similar to fresh or frozen.

Dehydrated-- Dehydrated food can be rehydrated using hot water.  Rehydration can take 20 plus minutes.
Freeze Dried-- Freeze Dried food was designed to be rehydrated with warm or cold water in about 5 minutes.


Put everything in a blender and mix well. 

I'm Happy to help.

Hi I'm Heather.  I'm in your Thrive Life upline.
I'd love to help you with your business.
You can call or text me at 435-757-6666 or email me at

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Host Promotion Maty 2017

Did you know the May Host Promotion = Free product for you? 

When Consultants host a party they are eligible for the prizes too.
• $200 total party sales = 1 FREE Blueberry Muffin Box
• $1,000 total party sales = 1 FREE Home Cookin’ Ground Beef Pack
• Potential for an additional $100 in FREE food
• Potential for an additional $200 in half-off food
To see all the details

Don't forget this month the Consultant kits have free shipping.

I'm Happy to help.

Do you have questions or concerns?  I'd love to chat with you.
You can text or call me at 435-757-6666 or email me at

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Convention 2017 Are you going?

Come to Convention

If you haven’t registered for convention yet you can here:
I’ve got a couple of discounted tickets. They are $118 each.   If you haven’t bought your ticket yet please let me know.
Why Attend the Convention this Year?

The Biggest Launch in Thrive Life History
What could it be? A new product? A new program? A new era? What about all three? Come to Convention and witness this legendary launch for yourself! It’s gonna transform your business (and kitchen)!

Our Biggest Cooking Event In Thrive Life History
Join Chef Todd for our biggest cooking class EVER, and learn new ways to whip up the foods you love!

Top-Notch Workshops
We’ve gathered the best of the best to teach you their tips and tricks so you can have a breakthrough in your business!

The Best Fine Dining
Take a bite into a gourmet dinner provided by Chef Todd and his culinary team!

Give Back
Help others find a thriving life with our Thriving Nations service project!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Customer Care After a Sale

Business Training:  Customer Care

After the big Semi Annual sale last month it make this a great time to follow up with customers. A couple of things you might try.
  1.  Send a thank you notes.  You can do emails or handwritten notes but either way be sure to personalize the note.    
  2. Check in with customers and see if they received their order and if they know about the double dip.   You could also ask if they’d like to receive a catalog or be notified of upcoming sales. 
  3. Send an email to your customers with something totally non sales.   I’m going to send out a smoothie recipe that uses Thrive.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Recipe Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie

Recipe:  Peanut Butter Banana protein smoothie!

What a great idea from Thrive Consultant Ashley Ouderkirk
"Took Thrive smoothies a step farther and made a smoothie powder I can take with me and use in my shaker bottle! It's so yummy, I can't wait to try other flavors.

Peanut butter Banana protein smoothie!
1/2 cup FD bananas (powdered)
1/2 cup homemade protein powder (recipe below )
2 Tbsp peanut butter powder
Blend or shake with 1 1/4 cup cold water. Add ice if desired."
I also added a Tbsp chia seeds, a Tbsp vanilla powder and 1/4 cup coconut sugar
This makes a big batch

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thrive Life Love

I love being a Thrive Life Consultant.  It is one of the best decisions I’ve made.  This March I want to spread the Thrive Life Love.

When you become a Thrive Life consultant (with me as your enroller) and start your Thrive Life Q of $100 or more you’ll get:
  • $100 in free Thrive Life products (retail price)
  • $100 in Thrive Life products at ½ off (retail price)
*Fine Print:  You must sign up under Heather Lorimer Consultant ID #1209.  Your consultant kit and your first month’s Q must process before March 31, 2017.   After your Q has processed and your consultant kit has shipped, I’ll contact you with redemption instructions for your free and ½ off items.   

This is offered by me and not by corporate Thrive Life or other consultants. 

If you have questions send me an email or give me a call in my home office at 435-535-1470.  

Requirements for being a consultant:
  1. Be on the monthly Thrive Q
  2. Buy a Starter Kit  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the green "Join Now"  You can see the contents of the kits here: I recommend the Business Builder Kit.  

Benefits of being a Thrive Life Consultant:
  • Get the best discounts on all products
  • The Starter Kits are a crazy good deal
  • 10% commission on all orders you take, even your own (excluding personal Q orders)
  • There are no sales quotas to hit.  Only a minimum $50 Q to earn commissions
  • Get ongoing commission for all customers on the Q
  • Sell online using your own consultant website
  • Earn free and half off product for yourself - a great way to fill your pantry and food storage
  • Store the highest quality food available - food you’ll want to eat
  • Interact with leaders in the Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness field
Personal Growth:
  • Learn new skills
  • Challenge yourself by setting and reaching goals within a supportive framework
  • The PATH training program guides you step by step through everything you need to know