Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about Shelf Reliance Shipping/Returns

Just a reminder about shipping, it is always better to under promise and over deliver. Be clear with your customers about how long it is going to take to get their order.  Yes they might get it in a couple of days but it might be a couple of weeks.  Right now with every order the customer is receiving an e-mail saying that it will be weeks before they receive their order. 

**Some of the links in this post don't work.  But they are the links that Corporate Shelf Reliance has posted as where to find the information hopefully they will work soon. 

 1.       Where  is  my  order?  
a.       When  you  have  completed  placing  an  order  on  the  web,  a  confirmation  e-­‐mail  will  be  sent  to  the  e-­‐mail  address  provided.    Also,  on  your  customer  dashboard  at,  you  can  see  if  it  is  processing  or  shipped.      
2.       How  can  I  track  my  order’s  shipping  status?  
a.       Once  the  order  has  been  shipped  from  Shelf  Reliance,  a  tracking  number  will  be  sent  to  the  e-­‐mail  provided.     This  tracking  number  can  then  be  entered  at  to  find  the  most  current  information  on  where   your  order  is  and  when  to  expect  it.  
3.       When  will  items  that  are  backordered  be  back  in  stock?  
a.       We  will  work  as  quickly  as  possible  to  get  these  items  to  our  customers.    In  rare  circumstances  when  it  will  be  a   lengthy  time  before  being  able  to  restock  an  item,  Shelf  Reliance  will  contact  those  customers  and  offer  a  full   refund  on  those  items.      
4.       What  shipping  time  frame  can  I  expect  when  placing  my  order?  
a.       Shelf  Reliance  strives  to  ship  all  items  within  48  hours.    This  can  be  impacted  during  periods  of  high  volume   sales.    Please  review  our  current  shipping  information  at­‐and-­‐returns.  
5.       Who  do  you  do  your  shipping  through?  
a.       Shelf  Reliance  does  most  order  shipping  through  FedEx.    However,  Shelf  Reliance  reserves  the  right  to  make  other  arrangements-­‐particularly  those  that  will  provide  either  better  outcomes  or  better  costs  passed  on  to  our   customers.  
6.       Who  do  I  call  for  additional  information  when  orders  are  delayed  or  backordered?  
a.       For  questions  relating  to  a  particular  order  status,  please  contact  customer  service  at  Shelf  Reliance.  
7.       What  is  the  return  policy  on  product  that  is  still  sealed  or  already  opened?  
a.       Our  return/exchange  policies  are  described  on  our  website  at­‐and-­‐returns.  
8.       How  can  I  return  my  order?    Can  I  do  an  exchange?    Will  I  be  charged  shipping?  
a.       Our  shipping  and  exchange  information  is  detailed  at­‐and-­‐returns.  
9.      Where  does  Shelf  Reliance  ship  to?    Can  Shelf  Reliance  ship  to  a  PO  box?  
a.       Currently  we  are  able  to  ship  to  any  contiguous  United  States  physical  address,  but  are  not  able  to  ship  to  PO  boxes.    
10.   Can  I  set  up  my  order  to  be  shipped  with  signature  required  so  that  it  is  not  left  on  my  doorstep?  
a.       Yes,  if  you  call  into  our  customer  service  department  at  (877)743-­‐5373  we  are  able  to  set  your  shipping  according  to  your  preference.    The  customer  will  be  responsible  for  any  related  charges.    
11.   How do  I  expedite  my  shipping?  
a.       We  are  able  to  accommodate  shipping  preferences  through  our  customer  service  department.    The  customer,  however,  will  need  to  pay  a  higher  shipping  fee.    Please  place  your  order  on  our  website  and  then  call  Shelf   Reliance  at  (877)  743-­‐5373  to  specify  a  shipping  option  other  than  the  standard  shipping.  
12.   What  if  I  only  have  a  PO  Box  address,  how  can  I  get  it  shipped  to  me?  
a.      Call  the  post  office  and  they  will  give  you  the  address  of  the  post  office.    We can’t  calculate  sales  taxes  without  a  physical  address.  

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