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5-2-11 Questions and Recipes

May 2, 2011
Hello Shelf Reliance Leaders,
 You’re a Rock Star:
I thought that it might be fun to highlight a few of the consultants on our team that had some amazing success in April.   It is always inspirational to me to see the success of others.  I hope it is to you as well.
 Personal  Sales:
Jodi and Julie (web based) with $49,180.90.
Jeona M. (traditional) with $7,111.39
 New Consultants Signed Up: 
Jeona M. signed up 6 consultants in March. 
Autum C. signed up 4 consultants in March.
Jodi and Julie signed up 4 new consultants in March.
1.  Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.   Our team has exploded in the last month.  I want to welcome all the new consultants.  Maureen A.  Provisions America, Lori J. Aubrey A. Deanna Payne, Amanda P. Crystal G. Patricia R. Jessica Y. Kathryn W. Jeannie Olsen, Lisa Spencer, Becky H. Sadie U. Janeal S. Merinda D.  If you want to look at past Monday training e-mails you can find them on our team blog:
http://blog.shelfrelianceleaders.com/  If you are receiving this e-mail you are in one of my three levels.  If you ever need anything I am happy to help.  You can e-mail me at heather@teamshelfreliance.com or call me 435-535-1470.  I live in MST time zone. 
2.  The catalogs are back in stock!!!! I’m so excited.  If you have catalogues on back order they should be coming soon.  If not you can order them. The ID number is 1248. They come packaged in 10 packs, with a package costing $10.
3.  We have a conference call tomorrow, Tuesday May 3rd, at 7pm Mountain Time. Bryan Kindred will be discussing THRIVE! This will be a great call. To join, please call 1-218-895-0268 and use passcode 13579.   We will also be doing a screen share for this call. To follow along, please visit: www.shelfreliance.com/meeting.html
4.  The Q club e-mail was sent out today.  As a consultant you should have received it.  If you did not.  Please check your junk mail folder.  It is a mass e-mail and sometimes gets filtered to the junk e-mail folder automatically.  If it is not there please let me know and we will get it straightened out.
                This moths Q Club Special:  Sour Cream Powder 25 % off one can or 30% off a case
So, the #10 can comes to $16.64, and the case comes to $88.53. This makes each can only $14.76.
In case you have never tried the sour cream powder.  It is one of my favorites.  I love it to bake with.  It is also good in dips, and soups.
5.  Great Deals you might not know about:
                41152    Basic Vigilance 72 hour kit             $74.24
25346    FD Tropical Fruit 6 Pack                  $118.70 (less than $20.00 a can)
retail is $240.00 (usually through a consultant it is $155.74)
Contains 1 each:  Banana Slices freeze dried, Mangoes freeze dried,
Pineapple Chunks freeze dried, Mandarin Oranges freeze dried, Apricots freeze dried, Pears freeze dried
6.  Goals for the month
It is time to set some goals for the Month of May.  If you haven’t done it yet it is time to get it done. 
A personal note on goals:  At the end of each month I make sure my next month is set up with parties and events. While I am doing that I set some goals for the next month.  In April I set some goals that I thought were pretty optimistic but I had a couple of really great parties set up and I was confident that if I worked hard I would make them.   Do you want to know what they were?  $3,500 in personal sales and to sign up 2 new consultants.   Now after making those goals I got to work.  I did everything that I could in April to reach them.  I had two parties cancel, one not until the day of the party.  I thought there was no way I would hit the goals but I got creative and tried some new things.  On the 30th,  I had an online order place for the remaining $600.00 I needed to reach my goal.  I was ecstatic.  I really believe that I reached my goal because I set it.  If I had not set it there is no way I would have reached it.   I did sign up two consultants as well.  
Please take a minuet right now and set two goals for May.   I would love to know what they are, if you are willing to share send me an e-mail with your goals for the month.

Training:  Last week I asked you what you needed more training on.  Here are some of the questions  and their answers. (my plan was to answer all of them but I have a sick baby and I only got two of them finished)
1.       How to send mass e-mail so it only show the recipient’s name:  
What you need to do is in the "To" line put your own e-mail address. This will send the e-mail to you.  Then you need to press the "add bcc" button.  This adds a blind carbon copy.  Put all of you e-mail contacts in that line. This way they see the message as if it was sent only to them. 
2.       More recipes that have been successful at parities from me and from other consultants
For me the most successful recipes are: chicken salad sandwiches, cornbread, and brownies with strawberries on the top.  Whenever I try something else I always get asked “Didn’t you bring chicken salad?’
Here are a few recipes that have been successful for other consultants:

a.       Minestrone Soup: 1/4 cup all vegies - corn, celery, onions, green beans, peas, carrots and green peppers. 4 T. tomato pdr 1/2 t. Italian spices 1 teaspoon parsley 1 can beef broth 1 T. beef boullion 6 cups water I add about 1/2 cup pasta too. All goes into a mason jar and at parties I have the hostess have the water and can of beef boullion to a simmer. While i am explaining the food it is cooking (about 10 min). This makes about 1/2 cup for about 8 people. Recipe from Cathy Sera
b.      We served vanilla ice cream and topped it with pieces of coconut macaroon and raspberry sauce. We made the raspberry sauce with 1 cup raspberries, reconstituted with warm water, and 1/4 cup sugar. From Jennifer Balmer
c.       Taco salad recipe, using taco TVP dolled up with fd corn, cheese blend, extra tomato powder and whatever else you want to add. Serve on taco chip with a dollop of THRIVE sour cream. Cures skepticism about TVP. From Holly Cooley
d.       Salsa:  I made up this recipe after being asked by a customer if it was possible.
Salsa Mix
1 teaspoon garlic powder (more to taste)
1/2 cup THRIVE freeze dried  onion
2 Tablespoons THRIVE dried mixed bell peppers
½ Cup THRIVE tomato powder
2 Tablespoons  dried red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon pepper
Measure all into jam jar or ziploc bag, seal & shake to combine.
Attach Tag

Mild Chunky Salsa
Combine the following, mix well: Chill 1 hour to let spices mingle.
2 tablespoons salsa mix
10 oz can Mexican-style tomatoes.

Spicy Salsa
½ cup salsa mix
¾ cup water
Combine Mix and water chill 2 hours. Serve with Chips/Crackers/Veggie Sticks.

Salsa Spread
2 tablespoons salsa mix
 Chopped Tomatoes
1 cup softened cream cheese
Combine Mix, tomatoes, Cream Cheese, chill 2 hours. Serve with Chips/Crackers/Veggie Sticks.
Have a great week,

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