Friday, February 28, 2014

My Favorite Thrive Life Party Recipes

Tried and Tested Party Food Ideas
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   1.     Soup

·        Make-Your-Own Soup Bar:  
·        Taco Soup  

   2.     Breakfast

·        Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes, From Cyndi Tree
·        Breakfast Burritos—scrambled egg mix, sausage, in a tiny tortilla top with THRIVE Salsa
·         Yogurt Parfait Bar
·       Blueberry Pancakes:  10 grain pancake mix plus rehydreated blueberries.  Serve with butter and syrup.
·        Muffins
                                                              i.      Raspberry chocolate chip Muffins from Eden Allison 
                                                           ii.      Muffin Mix from Autumn Christiansen 
                                                         iii.      Blueberry Muffin Mix 
                                                         iv.      Corn Muffins from Misty at Your Own Home Store 
   3.     Dips

·        Spinach artichoke dip  
·        Green Chili Dip  

  4.     Main Dishes

·        Chicken Pot Pie—make in advance and take to the party.  Veggies chicken and white sauce top with biscuits. 
·         Chicken Salad
·    Pizza:  from Shelley Jordan use tomato powder to make the sauce    make homemade crust or purchase pre made to save time.  One of my favorites is Pizza featuring tomato powder, FD mozzarella, sausage crumbles, green bell peppers. I'd like to try a ham and pineapple one sometime and maybe a BBQ chicken with FD tomato dices. It works well for larger parties as you can slice it into smaller squares. Or you can make cute individual ones in muffin tins.
·        Chicken and Spinach Taquitos  
·        Fajitas—FD beef or chicken slices, red peppers, green pepper and fajita seasoning.   Rehydrate in front of the group and then fry on an electric skillet.  (Have the host help), serve on tiny tortillas, top with reconstituted FD cheese.
·        Mango Chicken Stir Fry with Coconut Rice 
·   Salsa
   5.     Desserts—Beyond Brownies

·        Smoores—use the heat cell and be sure to top off with FD fruit.
·        Chocolate Chip Macaroons (or dip them in chocolate)  
·        Fruit Pizza –from Ilene Knipe/Kim Norton  (this is a complex recipe, it is delicious but time and prep intensive)  At the beginning of the party I would put all the dry fruits on a plate with a paper towel underneath and spritz them with a squirt bottle in front of the guests to show them how easy it was to reconstitute them (you need to spritz them a lot, and turn them over a few times to cover all sides). Then I let them sit through the party and put them on the pizza at the end. That was back in the mandarin orange days. You have to rally break up the pineapple too because it doesn't reconstitute well with a spritz. People loved it, but it does take quite a bit of work and a lot of time. I quit doing it for that reason. I used Kim Norton's recipe from our first convention.  Don’t make in advance and take to the party the colors all run together.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Make a Thrive Life Party Binder

photo source: Jinx! 

It never fails I’ll be at a Thrive Life party and everything will be going great.  Guests are happy, samples are tasty, and then BAM a guest will ask an incredibly detailed question.  One I don’t know the answer to.  All the guests turn and look at me expecting me to have the answer. 

That is why I NEVER go to a party without my party binder.  Never, never ever. 

Because I just cannot remember everything about everything.

So I need that info with me, and easy to find. 

When I’m confronted by a crazy question I have no answer to I say “I’ll have to look that up, will you remind me about this after I pass out the samples?”  Then I look it up for them at the party so they have the answer right there.  
What is in my Thrive Life Party Binder?

Thrive Information
o   Thrive Product Detail Document—this has the all the allergen facts, and the countries of origin.  I get asked about both of those at EVERY party.  Don’t go to a party without this.  
o   Thrive Unadvertised Specials (UAS)
o   Cost per Serving—each quarter when the new price list comes out I do an in depth cost comparison to see what prices are changing.   As a part of that comparison I figure the cost per serving.  (I email it out to my 3 levels once a quarter so check your email).  I keep this in my binder for the hecklers that say Thrive is SOOO expensive.  When they see the price per serving they quiet right down. 
o   Garden Seeds—I get asked about this product a lot so I have a print out of everything that is included.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The White Board Presentation--The Best Way to Explain the Thrive Life Q

Explaining the Q is essential to your success as a Thrive Life consultant.  When a customer signs up for the Q at a home party it is awesome for everyone. 
  • Awesome for the customer.
Let’s take a look at Jane, she signed up for a $100 Q at her friend Lisa’s party.  As a customer Jane now receives a customized food order each month.  She easily customizes it to meet the needs of her family; choosing the ship date, the order contents, and her budget.   When Jane later decides to host a party she gets to double dip off of her Q giving her a great start on her party.   
  •   Awesome for the host. 
The host gets to count 3 times the Q toward their party total.  The Q must process before you close the party.  For example if Jane signs up for a $100 Q at Lisa’s party and when Janes Q processes she spends $98.00 then Lisa gets to count that as one $294.00 order (remember $98.00 x 3 = $294.00).  Earning her $29.40 in free product. 
  •  Awesome for the consultant. 
This is where you build your residual income.  When a customer signs up for the Q you get paid commission for it the first time it processed AND every time it processes.    Take a look at the chart below to see the percentage commission you get paid each time. 

for 1 month
1st month
$0 - $399
5% →
$400 - $799
5% →
$800 - $1,199
5% →
$1,200 - $1,999
5% →
$2,000 - $2,999
5% →
$3,000 - $3,999
5% →
$4,000 +
5% →

You will receive 5% commission each month from those on the THRIVE Q.

How do you present the Q to customers?
The very best way I have tried, and trust me I’ve tried a bunch of different ways.  Is the White Board presentation. 

Here is a short video of Lisa Warnick showing exactly how to do a white board presentation on the Thrive Q. 


A couple of things you might be wondering about the presentation

When during my Thrive demo should I do the White Board presentation?

Do it while the food is cooking, before you pass out the samples.  You want the guests full attention and if you wait until they are eating then you will have lost some of them.   

What supplies do and I need and where do I get them? 

·         White Board—Costco, Staples, Amazon, Walmart.  Whichever white board you choose be sure that it is magnetic and that it no too huge.  Remember you will have to carry this around with you.

·         Magnets—you received some magnets in your starter kit.  You can use them or you can purchase the new magnets from Thrive Life.   The ID number is 15773. 
Note:  There have been some problems ordering magnets from the back office.  If you run into a problem just call customer service and they can take your order. 

·         White board markers—get a couple, it seems like they always die at an inopportune time and it is not something a host is likely to have, so you will want a backup.

You might be wondering:
In the video Lisa talks about waving the $79 signup fee and the annual fee?  Is that typical?

She is talking about it when they sign up at the $100.00 level and they are given free platinum status.  When that happens the $79 signup fee is waived (as is the renewal).  I think it would be a little clearer is you said “Tonight we are waiving the $79.00 signup fee for everyone that signs up at the $100.00 a month level”

The Q at the bronze Q club level is always FREE.  The Q club adds additional benefits and when they sign up at the $100.