Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Food Storage Salad: Astronaut Salad

I was recently talking to my sister about this series of salads I am posting about.  She said "you know Jell-O is not a salad it is a dessert."  And you know what.  She is right.  Jell-O defiantly falls in the dessert category but when I am asked to bring a salad to a pot luck Jell-O definitely counts.  The only thing that I don't have in my food storage that is in this recipe is the cottage cheese.  You can leave the cottage cheese if you don't have it or can't get it. 

This recipe is from my mother-in-law.  When my husband was growing up she would make this salad and the kids said it was "out of this world" and so it was named Astronaut Salad.  My mom-in-law usually makes this with orange Jell-O.  I LOVE it with red Jell-o. 

Astronaut Salad

1 small package cottage cheese
1 small container of cool whip  (or 1 recipe THRIVE Whipped Topping see below)
1 can mandarin oranges drained
1 can chunk pineapple drained
1 small box of jell-o (what ever is your favorite)

Mix together. Serve.

Thrive Whipped Topping
THRIVE Whipped Topping—made from THRIVE instant milk
   1 t vanilla extract
   1⁄2 c thrive powdered sugar
    1⁄2 c thrive instant milk, prepared and chilled
    1⁄2 c ice water
Combine ice water and powdered milk in bowl and beat for 10 minutes. Add powdered sugar and vanilla, continue to beat until thoroughly blended. Chill.

*This works best in a stand mixer with whip beaters. If mixture begins to fall, beat again.
 Notes:  MUST use THRIVE instant powdered milk and not the standard dry milk variety.


  1. Amazingly at our house growing up we had a similar concoction, also usually made of orange JELL-O. Unfortunately we were not so complimentary to the chef and ours is still lovingly called "orange goop".

  2. You can totally make cottage cheese from powdered milk. We make it all the time for lasagna roll ups and stuffed shells!! It involves boiling the milk and then adding vinegar around the edge of the pan to curdle the milk and then you drain it. It works awesome for cooking!!