Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conference Call Announcements5-10-11

Today on the SR conference call there were a couple of announcements that I thought everyone would be interested in.  
  1. There are 3 new tools on the consultant materials link
    1. New party script--this script focuses on the health benefits of THRIVE foods, the convenience, and the idea of building a home store.  The new training manuals sent out to new consultants will include this script as opposed to the old food storage based script. 
    2. Shopping List--this is to use at parties.  By having the guests fill out the shopping list it helps them understand how THRIVE foods can be used instead of food from the grocery store.  I really like this. 
    3. Frequently Asked Questions for Consultants--this has a TON of info in it.  READ IT.  It is pretty long but definitely worth the read.  This answers a lot of the questions that consultants have.
    4. While I was looking at the consultant materials I saw a great new letter for consultants to send to their family and friends to introduce Shelf Reliance and THRIVE foods. If you have not sent something like this out to your family and friend it is a great way to let people know what you are doing.  
2.       Shelf Reliance is now offering the option to pay out commission via direct deposit.  If you are interested in getting paid by direct deposit instead of by check watch for an e-mail from Shannon with instructions.
3.       Customers can now donate to Thriving Nations on the order from—you can enter the donation on the back end.

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