Thursday, August 17, 2023

Thrive Life Back To School Sale August 2023


A few times a year Thrive Life has a sale on all their products.  During this sale there are a few items that are on an great discount usually 45-50% off.  This year the Thrive Life Back to School sale is  August 23-28th  but if you are a consultant with Thrive Life you can order a day early on Tuesday August 22.  

Items with the biggest discount: 

*Prices won't show up discounted on the website until the sale is live. 

50% off
Freeze Dried Mushroom $19.40 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Cranberries $23.94 for a Family Sized Can

45% off
Freeze Dried Seasoned Chicken Slices $71.71 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Confetti Cake Bites $17.50 for a Family Sized Can

40% off 
Freeze Dried Zucchini $19.50 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Peach Slices $30.58 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Raspberries 41.21 for a Family Sized Can

35% off
Freeze Dried Tomato Dices $13.38 for a PANTRY sized can
Freeze Dried Cauliflower $48.02 for a Family Sized Can
Freeze Dried Cucumber $35.32 for a Family Sized Can

The other big one is the new product the Thrive Life Basic Emergency Kit. 
This is a new product that is a sealed plastic bucket containing twelve freeze dried meals (2 each of six varieties)

Here's what you need to know about the Thrive Life Basic Emergency Bucket: 
  • Includes 12 meal pouches which contain a total of 36 1 cup servings.
  • 20 year shelf life
  • Made with freeze dried ingredients
  • Meals include, blueberry oatmeal, creamy beef with rotini pasta, cheesy chicken, creamy mashed potato bowl, south west style chicken, and breakfast skillet.
  • The Basic Meal Emergency Kit is not currently on the website and won't be until the sale starts.  

There is a consultant promotion on this item: 
You earn $20 in free thrive credit for every bucket you sell during the back to school sale.  
That's amazing!!!
This only works on customer orders NOT on consultant orders. 

If you are a consultant here is what you need to know and do
  • Change you My Deliveries order to ship on Tuesday August 22nd and load it with items on the sale.  Do the math to make sure the items will total which ever tier you need to obtain your commission.  The sale prices won't show up until the day of the sale.   Usually when their is a big sale I set my My Deliveries order to be at the highest commission level I'm hoping to earn.  
  • Read through the sales flyer and make sure you understand what's on sale and what you think customers will be excited about.  
  • Set up social media posts and emails in advance and schedule them to post.  In My Office there is an email templates (be sure to add your links) and a bunch of graphics you can use.  
  • Let your customers know about the sale.  Be specific about the details.  This way they can get some good stuff on sale. 

Here's are the links to the sales flyer for US customers.   Clicking on this link will start an auto download of the PDF.