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What does it take to become a Thrive Life consultant?

The basic start up kit is only $199.  There are a couple of options on kits that range in price from $199 up to $899.99.   All of the kits are great, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Consultant Value Starter kit which is $289.  You can see all the options 

Once you become a Thrive Life consultant; there are no sales quotas.  The only requirement to remain an active consultant and get paid your commission is to keep your personal Q active at $50 a month.  That’s it.  I love building my family's home store with the Q.  It comes straight to my door and is so convenient, it takes no thought on my part. 

To read more about becoming a Thrive Life Consultant, you can visit the company website.

Commissions—How do consultants get paid?

You get paid three ways.

Flat orders 
 You get a 10% commission on all one-time orders placed through you or your consultant URL.  This is for all Thrive Life products including shelving, food and emergency supplies

Q customers — This is a great way to build a steady income.  When customers sign up for a Q, you get paid off of it every month.  1st month Q sales get paid on a scale between 20-32%.  After this first month, you will get paid 5% commission as long as their Q remains active.  See this 
chart for more Q details.

Team Building — The last way to earn money as a Thrive Life Consultant is to multiply your efforts through team building.  For every new consultant that signs up on your first level, you will receive a $50 sign up bonus.  You also get paid commission on sales for up to 3 levels of your down-line.  This chart shows the requirements for each rank and the down-line earnings.
Your Personal
THRIVE Q Payment
Personal Sales
Monthly Team
Sales (You + 3 levels)
Your Team Earnings
level 1
level 2
level 3





Silver Executive

Gold Executive
Platinum Executive
You will notice that team earnings are based on 3 requirements:
1. Your personal THRIVE Q order for the month
2. Total personal sales for the month (these include your party orders for the month as well as any Q orders that processed that month)
3. Total team sales for the month (your sales plus three levels below you)
Earnings are based on the lowest qualifying total.

Note: Monthly totals are based on the calendar month. Team earnings will fluctuate according to each month’s totals; however your rank will remain at its highest point.
You might be interested in reading “How Much Do Thrive Life Consultants Make?” this is an in depth look at how much money I personally made as I hit each rank. 
What can you expect in support and training from me?
Experience — I find that it is very helpful to have an up-line with experience.  I have been a consultant for three years, and I am a Platinum Executive (the highest rank).   I am also a member of the advisory board.  This means that I have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions.  I also stay in the know and like to help all of the consultants under me know what is going on.
Philosophy — I believe that being generous and gracious with everyone is the best way to build a business.  This can be a unique take on being a Thrive Life Consultant.  I honestly believe that everything I do to help a team member succeed is well worth it.

Quick Start — I have developed a training program for my consultants, that will help jumpstart your business.  It is a comprehensive look at what a new consultant needs to do to get off to a great start.  Consultants that follow this program have been very successful. 

Weekly Training E-mails — Each Monday I send out an e-mail to my team.  The e-mail includes announcements, business training, and  a product training/review.

Availability and Quick Response — I try to answer all of the questions from my team immediately.  When that is not possible, I will research the question or problem and usually get back to them the same day.  I believe that it is my responsibility as your upline to provide fast and accurate answers.

Content — I share a lot of the content I develop.  This is a huge time saver for consultants on my team.
  • Research — I often do thorough research on our product and then pass it on to my consultants.  This last October, I sent my consultants an in-depth cost comparison between THRIVE freeze dried fruits and veggies and Fresh fruits and veggies, along with a hand out that can be shared with customers that explains how to use the powders (butter, shortening, tomato etc) that  Thrive Life offers. 
  • E-mails — every e-mail I send out to my customer mailing list I also send out to my consultants.  You are then able to change the contact information, etc and resend it onto your customers.  This can also save  you a lot of time.
  • Product Reviews — Each time Thrive Life comes out with a new product, I purchase the products and invite my down-line to come and taste them with me.  For those that don’t live close, I summarize everyone’s thoughts and share them.  I also share a recipe for each new product.

Rewards and Recognition — I am so excited when a team member achieves!  I try to recognize each achievement or advancement.  I also periodically sponsor contests for my team.  

Are you ready to become a Thrive Life consultant? 
You are just a couple short steps away.
1.         Choose which starter package you want (see Consultant Material List).
2.         Go to the website: and click on the START HERE button.  It will ask for the Enroller information.
Enter:  Heather Lorimer, 435-535-1470,, consultant number #1209

Do you have questions or concerns? 
I would be happy to help you anyway I can.  Please feel free to email me or if you would rather call me at 435-535-1470. 

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