Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thrive Life Incentive Trip--EVERYONE can earn a Caribbean Cruise

Fantasy Getaway
EVERYONE who earns 2,000 points will earn a cruise!!
If you hold 1 average party a week you will have earned enough points to go.  30 parties. Anyone can do that.
The details:
Our next Fantasy Getaway contest was announced at convention, and on Jan 31­–Feb. 5, 2015, our winners will be going on a Caribbean cruise, with stops in Belize and Cozumel, Mexico!

Points for the contest can be earned from April 1–Oct. 31, 2014. The best thing about this year’s contest is there is no limit to how many people can win—anyone who earns 2,000 points will win a spot for them and one guest on the cruise!
If you are working on earning the cruise please let me know.  I'd love to help you earn this amazing vacation.
Check out our Facebook page to download this awesome graphic to help you keep track of your points (thanks to Chad and Rachel Mano for the graphic).

Team Booking Challenge--Summer 2014

It is time for our annual Summer Booking Challenge.   For the last 2 summers I’ve offered this to my team and those that participated have really loved how it boosts their business.

The Challenge

·         What: In a one week period book as many parties as you can.  Both you and all of your hosts will be entered to win.
·         When:  Saturday April 19 – Saturday April 26th. 
·         Why:
·         How the contest works:
o   Each consultant (that is you) will be entered into a random drawing to win all of the new products.  (see below)  You will get one entry into the drawing for each party you book.
o   Each Host will be entered into a host only drawing to win each of the new products (see below).
o   At the end of the contest you will email me a list of your parties (with their ID number) and I’ll enter you all in the drawing.  Simple.
·         The Prizes:
o   For the winning consultant:
§  Food Saver Vacuum Sealing System PLUS the food saver Mason jar attachment.   This will be awesome for doing meal in a jar parties. 
o   For the winning host:
§  Classic Cookie Dough Mix - #10 Can  
§  Country White Dough Mix - #10 Can  
§  Golden Cornbread Mix - #10 Can  
§  Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix - #10 Can  
§  Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix - #10 Can  
§  Instant Dry Yeast - Pantry Can

Here is the action plan:
1. Set aside some time each day during the week to contact potential hosts.   If you can vary the time each day to make calls. .  Some people are easy to get a hold of during the day, others you will need to call at night.   You might need to find a babysitter, or send the kids to Grandmas so you have some uninterrupted quiet time, to work on the challenge.  

2. Look at your summer calendar and circle all the dates you want to have filled.  You might want to double check when your summer activities will be, so you don’t schedule a party the same day as a family reunion.

3. Create a list of potential hosts.  This should go way beyond friends and family to include all your customers, q customers, past hosts, contacts from expos, people who said they wanted to host but never had a party.   
4. Remember that some people are going to say “no” that is okay.  Don’t get discouraged.  You might even want to make a goal of how many people you want to say no. 
5.   Come up with something new and fun to offer.  For example you might have a cookie party or a pizza party (both with the new bakery line).
6.  Pick up the phone and call, call, call. 

I guarantee there is someone out there that has been thinking about doing a party that just hasn’t gotten around to calling or has lost your number.

7.  Create a phone call note card.  This is simply a note card with an exact script for what you want to say when calling your future hosts.  It will help in calming nerves if you know what you are saying.  Here is an example of what you could say:
Booking Challenge Script—From Amber Pearce, who is amazing.

Opening of every call:
“Hi, May I speak with _________ please?”
“Hi, ________, this is ___________ calling.”
“I am your Thrive consultant you may recall we met at ____________ (state when you met).”
OR for future customers...
“I wanted to tell you about something I’m really excited about that I think you will love as well!”
Get permission:
“Do you have a quick minute?”
“I’ve been calling all my customers to make sure you are aware of some great things going on with
Thrive but first I wanted ask some questions if that is ok.”
Establish rapport while identifying needs: Question Ideas...
Q customer: “You get food on our fantastic Q program. Do you use our Food Storage Q or Home
Store Q?”
Regular Customer: “You’ve gotten Thrive in the past. Did you know that we have new recipe based Q
that helps you create a home store in a budget friendly way?”
Non-Customer: “Have you ever heard of Thrive?”
Other Questions: “Are you happy with the amount and variety of Thrive you have in your Home
“Do you mainly store your food or have you started to cook with it?”
“How comfortable are you cooking with our food?”
Listen carefully to the needs that are expressed. Take notes. Reflect back what you heard and

Extend an invitation that addresses their needs:
I’m doing new cooking parties to help people learn how to cook with Thrive and be the first to
experience our new tools and products. I’m holding these special parties in the next 4 weeks. I would
love to do one for you. All you would do is invite some of your friends over. Is that something you think
would be helpful?
If yes: Schedule a date right then. “Do nights or mornings work better for you? Ok, weekends or
weekdays? Great, I have ____ and ____ available which would you prefer?”
If no: “Is that a “no for now” or a “no never?”
If it is a no for now ask permission to check back in a week/month/few months.6.  When they say yes and book the party.  Start coaching them right away on being a great hostess.  Here is an example of what I say.
“Great I have you down for _____________________, at _____________________.  Now I just need a little info from you.
  • Contact Info: e-mail address, phone number, address of the party, mailing address.
  • What Items would you like to earn for free from your party?
  • What food would you like me to bring.  I have a couple of options or we can customize one to fit your preference:
    • Pizza  (use Chef Todd’s pizza Recipes)
    • Chocolate  (cherry chocolate cobbler (made from brownies and FD cherries), chocolate dipped macaroons, strawberry chocolate chip cookies, etc)
    • Quick Meals (Taco Soup, Thrive Express)
    • New product sampling.
  • I need you to make up a list of about 40 people that we can send out a save the date e-mail to.  This is just letting them know you are having a party.  I’ll e-mail an example of it in a few minutes.  anyone who doesn’t e-mail will need a phone call.   Feel free to post it on facebook or twitter.
  • We will need to mail the invites about 2 weeks before the party.  So I’ll get the invites to you so we can send them out.  (or if you send them out get the labels from the host)  I find it works really well to mail the invites.  Will you be sure to mail one to me so that I know your guests got their invites?

I’m excited for you party.  I’m sure that we will have a great time.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me.  And good luck on the prize.  I’ll let you know next Monday who won.

7.  E-mail me with your list of hostess with the party ID number.  
***You must have the names of your host and party ID submitted to me by Sunday April 27th. 
  • Fill up the dates that you are open early in the summer first.  The farther away a party is the more chance of it canceling.  
  • During the summer the best time to do parties are weeknights mostly because people are out getting projects done during nice weather on the weekends.  
  • Don’t forget that family reunions are a great place to do a little Thrive demonstration.  
  • Where are you traveling? Slide in a Thrive Life party at your travel destination.
  • Host your own party and do a THRIVE new product review.  Inviting all of your existing customers to come and try the new products.