Thursday, May 19, 2011

How To Use the Consultant Website: Logging In

Logging  in  
1)    →Home  Parties  →  Consultant  Login  (Hosts  log  in  here,  too)    
2)  If  you’re  already  logged  in,  hover  over  “Business  Tab”  and  click  on  Consultant,  Hosts  can  log  in  here,  too     

When you are logged in you will be looking at the Profile Page.  It should look like this. But with your name and information on it. 

This is what we call the "back end"  it is also sometimes refereed to as the Consultant Dashboard.  The front end is this is the page that customers see. 

Things to Notice on Your Profile  page  
1) Your  consultant  id:  you  need  this  when  a  consultant  signs  up  under  you 
2) Notifications:  orders  processed,  consultant  sign  ups,  leads  from  SR  etc… 
3) Calendar  of  Events  and  Upcoming  Parties 
4) News  Feed:  if  you  click  on  the  news  feeds  to  read  more  you  will  be  taken  to   
a) To  go  back  to  your  dashboard,  hover  over  “Business”  and  then  click  on
Consultant  and  you’ll  be  right  back  to  your  consultant  dashboard    
Much of this information comes from Becky Powell.  She is a very generous and knowledgeable consultant.  Thanks for sharing Becky!!!

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