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Recordings of AWESOME Conference Calls: 
Please not that at the first of most conference calls there is a lot of dead air that has been recorded.  The call really is there it is a little way in.  I usually skip in about 5 minutes to find the start of the recording.

How To Be Successful At Expos and Events, by Monty and Debbie Abbott
The Commission Plan by Becky Powell
Maximize Your Earnings by Holly Hardy 
Giving a Great Party Presentation  July's Team Call by Sariah Smickrath  Just audio no video on this presentation.

Training Specifically For Consultants:
Old Home Party Presentations:  These two presentations are a little old and some of the info is out of date.  I still think that they are a great resource.  These are videos of actual parties and give you a great idea of what a party might look like.  I personally like to keep my party presentation to about 20 minutes.  These parties are a LOT longer than that. 
Part 1:  Preparing the food with the Host
Part 2:  Staring the party
Part 3:  The White board presentation
Product Training:
·         Food Rotation Systems
·         How to Set up a Harvest 72 Part 1:  Components
·         How to Set up a Harvest 72 part 2 and 3:  Tips on Assembly and Assembly
Videos You Might Want To Share With Customers
Home Party Chapter 1—Introduction to THRIVE food Storage
Home Party Chapter 2—The THRIVE Planner, how much food do I need?
Home Party Chapter 3—How do I afford Food Storage?  THRIVE Q Explanation
Home Party Chapter 4—How do I start using THRIVE food storage?
Home Party Chapter 5—How Do I make sure my food Storage doesn’t go bad?
If you have found a great resource please let me know I’d love to add it to this page.

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