Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 8: Conference Calls and Ongoing Training

Today’s Task:   Listen to the best of the training calls, add upcoming trainings to your calendar. 

As a company Shelf Reliance offers many live training events.

·        Weekly Nation Wide Conference Calls—Tuesdays at 12:00 noon OR 7:00 p.m. MST.  For a current schedule of call times and topics check out the  Newsfeed.
·        Opportunity Meetings—Shelf Reliance Corporate Officials and top consultants travel around the country in the Spring and Fall holding opportunity meetings and consultant trainings events.   
o    Each meeting will be held from 6-9pm. The first hour will be an opportunity presentation that you will want to invite your friends and family to. The final two hours will be focused on training for those who are consultants or those who plan to become consultants.
·        Convention—Shelf Reliance holds an annual convention each spring for consultants.   Convention gives you the tools, and knowledge to make the most of your Shelf Reliance business. 
o   The 2012 convention is April 12-14 in Salt Lake City Utah.

Today’s Worksheet 

Over the past year there have been some amazing conference calls.  Today you are going to listen to them.   Some of the calls have some dead air at the first.  If you are listening to a call and there is nothing there skip ahead to about 5 minutes in. 
       1.     Listen to these past great training calls.

·        The Commission Plan by Sheri Brower and Amber Pierce
·        How To Be Successful At Expos and Events, by Monty and Debbie Abbott
·        Developing Your Team by Misty Marsh

2.    Add the weekly conference calls to your calendar. 
3.     Add the opportunity meeting in your area to your calendar.
4.     Add convention to your calendar, if you have not yet registered, go and register, and make any travel arrangements you need.
Today’s Notes

Last year I attended the first Shelf Reliance Convention and it was a turning point for me and my business.  I think it will be for you too.
 At convention last year I learned:
         How to develop a long term plan for my business.
         How to effectively use my time.  I’m a busy mom and only have a limited amount of time to spend on my Shelf Reliance Business learning to use my time effectively has really boosted my business.
         How to talk about the Q effectively.
         How consultants make money.
What to expect at convention?
Thursday April 12—an evening reception followed by group discussions lead by member of the advisory board.  This will be a great time for you to get idea, and ask questions.
Friday April 13 and Saturday April 14—Two entire days of workshops, a keynote speaker, and in depth product information.  New products will be introduced, consultants will be recognized for their accomplishments, and a new incentive tip will be announced.
A Team Event—our team will be getting together for awesome small group training.
Giveaways—last year Shelf Reliance gave away a ton of free products, lap tops, ipads and other great prizes.  You can expect more of the same this year.
Sometime You Need to Take a Leap of Faith
If you are worried about attending for whatever reason,   I’d like you to invite you to take a leap of faith and invest your time and money into your business.
Last year I took a leap of faith by attending.  The registration fee, travel costs, and time away from my family, were a sacrifice for me.  But after convention I had a HUGE jump in my business.  I was able to apply the things I learned at convention and quickly hit my rank advancements and grow my paycheck exponentially.  
You can register by going to http://go.shelfreliance.com/registration.

Are you coming to convention?  What are you favorite past conference calls? 

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