Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 11: Create a Home Party Script

Today’s Task:   Write a script to use at home parties. 

“What do I say at parties?”   Every new consultant and a lot of experienced ones struggle with this question.

I have found that it is extremely helpful to write out  a script.  Writing out your script will help you get organized and figure out how to word your thoughts in advance.

Today’s Worksheet 

What you need: 
·        The Home Party Presentation from Movie Night (day 9)
·        A way to write your presentation. 

Things to Remember:
·        Shorter is better than longer
·        Don’t “vomit information”  guests don’t need to know everything, just enough to help them make a good decision
·        Remember to introduce the emergency supplies.  These are often overlooked by consultants but can be great sellers.

Time to get started.  Sit down and write your script. 

When you are finished writing, read it out loud.  I have found that often things look good on paper but when I say them out loud I need to make changes.

  Today’s Notes

At parties you are not going to read the script.  You might have it with you for the first party or two, but only as a reference. 

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