Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 4 - A Plan of Attack

Today’s Tasks:    Create a plan of attack by filling out the 40 Leads in 4 minutes worksheet, dividing it into action steps, and getting to work.  

Yesterday I told you I made 2 big mistakes when I fist started my business.  The first was not understanding the commission plan.  Today we are going to work on the second:  not following up on the 40 leads in 4 minutes.

I had filled out the worksheet like my enroller told me to but I was scared to talk to people about having a party.  No really, I was.  When I first became a consultant I filled out the 40 leads in 4 minutes, and there were two names on the list that I was really scared to contact.  So I didn’t.  I didn’t invite them to my first party, I did not send them an introductory letter, I didn’t do anything but I thought about them for months. 

One day I was listening to a corporate conference call and whoever was speaking said something along the lines of

Get over your fear of calling people.  If you have the thought “I should call so and so, don’t think about it, just do it.”  The worst part is thinking about calling them, when you actually call them it is easy to talk to them.  
So I did.  I picked up the phone and I called these two people, one an old friend from college, and the other a family member.  They were both excited and booked parties that day.  Those two parties are two of the most successful I have ever had.   I only wish I had called them sooner.

Today you are going to fill out the 40 Leads in 4 Minutes worksheet and then use it as the blueprint for your business. .
Today’s Notes

Invite your contacts to a party:
If you have recently hosted a party at your own home it is still a good idea to host another one.  You will need to change things up and offer people a different experience.
  • Host a New Product Tasting Event:  Invite all of your customers, especially your Q customers, to come to your home and taste all the new products.  Have a giveaway at the party.  Have the new catalogs available.  At the party take orders and schedule new parties.
  •  Host a Girls Night Out:  be sure to have lots of chocolate snacks.
  •  Host a Mom and Toddler party:  held during the day, serve kid food.
  • Host a Date Night:  Invite your 40 leads, and your customers and their spouse/significant other.  Hold your party on a week night.  This type of party is very laid back.  Have the ingredients to make pizza, nachos, or taco soup.  Have the guest’s help you cook. 
  •  Host a Guy Party:  Often overlooked then man of the family might be very interested in our products.  Serve “guy food” such as:  meat lover’s pizza, nachos or bean dip.  Be sure to have some emergency preparedness items on hand for them to check out.   My husband recommends having water purification items, the pocket chainsaw, lots of fire starters and various fuels to burn. 
  • Serve A New Menu:  If you have been a consultant for a year and you still serve chicken salad at every party try hosting a party where you show off a new menu.   Be sure to advertise the new menu.  Here are a few ideas for alternate menus: 
o   A yogurt bar—guests assemble yogurt parfaits from a variety of products.
o    Taco Soup—have guests add dry ingredients and leave it to cook while you are talking about the Q, freeze drying etc. 
o   Spinach Artichoke Dip—this is always successful at parties.  Guest love it.
o   Breakfast party—pancakes, biscuits and gravy, mini quiche, scrambled eggs.  Choose a few things that will showcase a variety of products.

Today’s Worksheet

1.     Download and complete the 40 leads in 4 minutes worksheet.
Consultant Materials → Party Prep → Host Prep Sheet.
It is the second page.
Or use the Google Document 40 Leads in 4 Minutes

2.     Schedule a party that you can invite these 40 people to. Do it right now.  This party works best if you are the host.  
Write the date on the calendar
If you are a new consultant invite you enroller to attend and assist.
*If you are an existing consultant that has hosted your own party before, check out todays notes for ideas about for hosting another one.
3.      Fill out 40 invitations; be sure to write the name and address of every person on the 40 leads in 4 minutes worksheet on an invitation.

4.     Divide the invitations into the following groups and then deliver the invitations.
a.       Personal Visit:   These are invitations you are going to drop off at their home.  You might want to also take them a catalog, and a small sample.  You are going to spend 3 minutes talking to them on their front porch.  Tell them briefly: why you are a consultant, what you like best about the products, and what you want them to do.  Remember 3 minutes is your time limit.  You want them at the party so don’t give your entire presentation.  If they can’t make it, ask if they want you to keep them in mind for next time, if they will host a party or if they are interested in becoming a consultant.   
b.     Mail:  These are people that you regularly communicate with via written letter or e-mail that live close enough to you to attend the party.   You are going to write an awesome letter letting them know about your new business, what you have to offer and how they can help you.  Be clear, be polite, be concise.  This letter needs to fit comfortably on ONE page.  No one is going to read 5 pages.   If you e-mail the letter be sure to mail them an invitation.  If they have an invitation in their hand they will be much more likely to come.
c.      Long Distance Friends:  These are people who would come to your party if they lived close enough but sadly they live far away.  
·  Mail the post card and write something along the lines of “having a party and was thinking about you.” 
·  Pick up the phone and call them—remember to be clear, be polite and be concise. 
·  Tell them briefly about your business and that you just sent them an invite to your first party.  You know they can’t come but you wanted to include them.
·  Invite them to host a party next time you are in their town, via Skype or via e-mail. 
·  Invite them to set up a Q.
·  Invite them to become a consultant.


  1. Heather, this is SO SO helpful and so kind of you to share with so many.

    Today totally resonated with me. My biggest fear is calling people. But I have LOVED that this business has pushed me to overcome that about myself. I still struggle with it, but man, it is totally worth it and MUCH easier that just worrying about it!

  2. Misty--I agree that one of the best things about having a Shelf Reliance business is it pushes you to be better.

  3. I am HORRIBLE about talking on the phone. This is the main area I have got to work on.... My goal is to make 4 phone calls next week, and not chicken out!