Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 12: What to take to a party

Today’s Task:   Make a plan of what you will take to parties  
It is sometimes hard to decide what to take to a party. We have so many great products that I want to take everything, but that is really not practical or affordable. 

Today’s Worksheet:  

Here is what I take to each party.

·        20 attendee packets
·        Price list stapled to a business card
·        Catalogue (okay so I don’t actually have any right not but when I do I take them)
·        Order Form
·        Sale or Promotional Flyer
·        All of that is in a black pocket board that has the shipping info stuck on.

I serve the following dry, I use about ¼ of a cup of the following:
FD Pineapple
FD Strawberries
FD Blueberries
FD Bananas
FD Yogurt Bites
FD Veggie Mix:  I mix them myself so I only have to take one pantry can of filled with the fix.  I usually I use corn, peas, broccoli and green beans

Chicken Salad served on crackers : I make ½ a recipe using about ¾ cup of chicken, ¼ cup onions, and ¼ cup celery

Brownies or Macaroons: I make ½ the recipe.

New products:  I like to feature the new products so people get a chance to taste them
            Freeze Dried Grapes
            Freeze Dried Granny Smith Apples

Display Sample pouches:  I don’t let the customers open these just look at the food .

Emergency Preparedness Supplies:
·        Sparkie Fire Starter
·        Wing Stove
·        Kitchen Sink
·        Burn Free
·        Quick Clot
·        Heat Cell

Business Supplies:
·        20 pens
·        2 calculators
·        Stapler
·        Business cards
·        Clip board (I use this to put all the orders and checks on)
·        Party Binder
·        3-5 Host packets
o   30-40 invitations
o   Host Letter
o   40 guest in 40 minutes
o   Price list
o   2-3 order forms (with instructions on how to do tax and shipping)
o   Host benefit form
·        3-5 Potential Consultant packets
o   Opportunity brochure
o   Letter from me about being a consultant
o   Business Cards
o   My calendar (so I can schedule future parties)
·        My script

·        2-Mini muffin pans
·        1 divided serving tray
·        Sample cups (I put the new products in these and sometimes the fruits and vegetables)
·        Gloves

Now it is your turn.  Get your supplies out and organized to take to a party.  Your goal is to create an easy to use system so you don’t have to go to a ton of work before each party. 

  Today’s Notes

1.     I take everything in two large bags from Sam’s club.  I like them because they fit a ton of stuff, but I can still get everything from my car to the house in one trip. 
2.     Unless the hostess tells me that there are going to be close to 20 or more then 20 at the party I always try to take 20 packets.  Why? Because I have had parties where the hostess thought there were going to be 11 and then there were more like 19.  I like to make sure I have enough handouts for everyone. 
3.     My clip boards are not really clip board but 3 ring binders that I have cut apart. They fit better in my bags, they are cheaper and they work just as well.  I really like that they have a pocket to put the papers and a pen in. 
4.     I attached the shipping costs to my clip boards using my sticker machine (it will make anything into a sticker, how cool is that?)  I did it because  was always having people ask about the shipping.  Now everyone can see it easily.   If you don’t have a sticker machine you can purchase sticker paper.
5.     I leave everything in the bags (unless it is perishable) when I get home from a party that way it is ready to go for the next time.  All I have to do is add a few new packets (attendee, host and potential consultant) and I’m out the door.

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