Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 17 Shelving


Today’s Task:   Recommend an  Shelving System

I recently had a booth at a large event.  The attendees were super excited about our products and especially interested in the shelving.  I had a Harvest 72 set up and it drew a lot of people over to look at it.

As I discussed the shelf with customers I found that they wanted one, but after talking to them what they really needed was a little not the traditional Harvest 72 but rather one of the other shelves. 

As a consultant it is my job to help customer purchase the correct shelf.  To do that I need to know about the shelving and I need to ask the customer questions.

Today’s Worksheet: 

·        If you have never set up a harvest shelf, it is time to learn how. (so you can talk about the shelves)  Watch the video of Bart setting up a harvest.

·        Research the shelving options.  Design you dream food storage area using Shelf Reliance Shelves.
·        Develop a customized shelving plan for a friend or family member.  Remember that space, cost, and capacity are all issues people have.

  Today’s Notes 

Did you know?

1.     That we carry a Harvest Shelves that…

·        That holds only number 10 Cans?  Harvest 72 #10
·        That holds only small (soup or vegetable) cans?  Harvest 72" White - 6 Small Rows  Item Number 11848.  It is not on the website only available through the back office.

·        That holds only pantry cans?  Harvest 78” Pantry Can ID number 15168 $275.00 Has 5 medium rollers. Only available through a consultant.

·        That can be made into a table?   That Harvest 39 and the Harvest 39 #10 are only 39 inches tall.  A counter top or table top can easily be affixed to the top of them to use as a work surface.  At the New Shelf Reliance building they have a couple of them set up this was and it is super cool.

·      That fits under your bed?  There are actually two one that hold only number 10 cans and one that holds small and medium cans.

·     That holds 6 small rows? I find that a lot of people really like this shelf, but it is relatively unknown.
2.     We offer a Food Rotation System Planner?  It works for both existing shelving and free standing systems.  This is a great thing to pass on to customers or if you’re not sure what shelf to recommend to a customer use this to figure it out. 
3.     Replacement or Upgrade parts are available.  Many times I have customers tell me that they want to take out the number 10 can rollers on their Harvest 72 and replace it with small rollers.  What-ever they want to do we can make happen.  Check out the accessories section of the price list. 
4.     We have some AWESOME Add-ons.  When ever anyone buys a shelf I tell them about 2 products.  Almost always they buy them.  Which is great because it is a bigger sale for you and a better product for them.
·        Side shelves 4 pack- ID number 15688 $38.99
·        Front shelves 4 pack Id number 15884 $42.24

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