Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 26 Recommend Emergency Supplies

Today’s Task:  Become familiar with the Emergency supplies.  Recommend one from each category       

Would it shock you to know that emergency supplies are a big seller? 
I think that most Shelf Reliance consultants focus on the food.  Why because everyone likes it and it is easy to present.  But emergency supplies can be big sellers for you. 

At each party I present on emergency supplies for about 10 minutes.  I really just say something like.
“I know you all came to try the food but preparing for an emergency is important so I want to spend a few minutes talking about it” and then I hold up the item and tell them why I like it.

If you put a sticker on the back of each item with the ID number and price it will save you a lot of time. 

Today’s Worksheet: 

You can watch me here:  (Would you pretend that I look fabulous in this video? Thanks) 
This video is of my entire party presentation and this was kind of a crazy party.   But what party isn’t?  The host asked me to bring some specific emergency items so it is a little different from my usual presentation but you can see what I do and what I say.  

You can stop watching after I talk about emergency supplies or you can watch my entire presentation.

The video starts with me talking about the camera we are using to record the presentation.  But I don't know how to edit it so you can learn about the camera. 

I usually show the following items: 

If you are trying to decide what to bring take a look at the top sellers list (find it on the front end)

     Today’s Notes 

Most important thing to remember about emergency supplies:
If you bring it to the party they will buy it.  If you don’t they probably won’t.

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