Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 3 Create a 3 Year plan

Today’s Tasks:   Create a 3 year plan for your business.          

I was talking to my enroller, Sariah, about a year ago and she mentioned in passing that she had a Shelf Reliance 3 year plan.   In a former life I was a teacher and each year I had to submit a 5 year plan to the district.  Completing that plan really helped me focus on where I was going, so when Sariah told me about her 3 year plan I was excited to see what a plan could do for my business. 

Later when I spoke to Sariah more about her 3 year plan she told me that hers was very simple.  She had a hit it or quit, a specific goal that if she had not hit in 3 years she was walking away from Shelf Reliance.   I thought it was a good idea so I also set a hit it or quit.  I set my number extremely high (or so I thought at the time).  Now before you go out and set a super high number and then sit back and wait for the good life to happen to you, I have to tell you that a hit it or quit number only works if you are working your business.  I don’t know anyone who works at their Shelf Reliance business as hard as Sariah does.  So if you are going to set a number you also need to be committed to working hard to achieve it. 

For today’s task we are going to look at your specific plans for your business.  A hit it or quit number is great, but you also need a plan describing how you are going to accomplish it.  
Today’s Notes

Today’s worksheet is a Google PDF, I don’t have the capacity to upload a word document so if you would like a copy in Word please e-mail me at and I’ll send it out to you.  (I am going to be at a funeral most of the day so please be patient.)

Today’s Worksheet

Shelf Reliance 3 Year Plan—remember to print it use the Google documents menu not the browser menu.

Remember to come back after you have finished you plan and tell us about it.  Are there any areas you added to the plan? 

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