Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I believe about being a Shelf Reliance consultant

Do you ever listen to NPR?  I do and sometimes they have a segment called "This I believe"  it is a series of essays about what people believe.  Every time I listen to it I am touched.  Recently I have had some less then positive experience with other Shelf Reliance consultants and it has made me really think about what I believe about being a consultant. This is what I believe.
I believe…
·         that Shelf Reliance is a company that allows consultant to help others become more self reliant.
·          that being a consultant with Shelf Reliance is a great opportunity for consultants to build a successful business.
·         that now is the best time to become a Shelf Reliance consultant, it will never again be a ground floor opportunity.
·          consultants should always be honest with customers, and potential consultants, other consultants and everyone else too.
·         being kind is more important than making money 
·          that consultants should honor their commitments and train the consultants who enroll under them.
·         that potential consultants have a choice of who they want their enroller to be and should think carefully before they enroll.
·         there is enough customers interested in Shelf Reliance that every consultant can be successful if they put the required work into their business. 
·          that Shelf Reliance consultants can and should help each other, that another consultants success does not diminish mine. 

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