Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm thinking about making this blog private but would like your feedback

So I am thinking about making this blog private. Meaning that only those who are invited will be able to see it.  I have had some problems recently with it and can't decide what to do.  I know that there are Shelf Reliance consultants that read this that are not on my team and I am totally cool with that.  I believe that we all need to help each other and then we can all succeeded.  Anyway before I do anything I thought I would ask for your opinions.  So what do you think should I leave it open or make it private?


  1. While I LOVE reading your blog and getting ideas from it, I keep my training blog private. I think that you have something valuable that makes you different from many consultants: your willingness to invest time in your downline's training and success. That is something that makes you desirable as an enroller. While I don't believe other SR consultants knowingly "steal" material etc. I do believe that materials gets copied and pasted innocently. That is only going to get worse as SR grows and decreases the value of the training you offer. I've had people not in my downline contact me for help. I'm always willing to give them an "invite" to my training blog. All my potential consultants get invites. So, I still feel like I'm able to help others "just because," but it allows me to have more control over it. Just my two cents....

  2. I love reading your blog here but think it should be private - invite those who want to read it to contact you. Some of the information isn't really things to just have out there for the public to read.

  3. Thanks for you comments. I have decided that for now I will leave the blog open.