Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How much time do Shelf Relaince Consultants work?

The Short answer:
It depends.   I think it is good to plan on at least 10 hours a week.  But you can work as much as you want.  I like to have one party a week, but I have a consultant that has 3 or 4 parties a week.  That is too much for me but it works out great for her.
The Long answer:
It depends.  If you are thinking about becoming a consultant you should plan on 10 hours a week at least, although you can do whatever you want.  So what do I spend all that time doing?  I have been tracking how much time I spend in each area and here is what I have found.   
For each party : Total 3 ½  hours
                1  hour prep and driving (this obviously varies if the party is far away you will need more time)
                1 ½ house at the party
                ½ hour driving home and clean up
                ½ hour to input orders and do the host benefit orders
Weekly Communications: 3 hours
What am I talking about?  Mostly phone calls and e-mails.
                Who do I communicate with?
                                Hosts and potential host-answering questions and following up.
                                Downline consultants—training and answering questions
                                Up line consultants—asking questions and receiving training
                                Shelf Reliance Corporate office-mostly resolving concerns
                                Potential consultant—answering lots of questions
                                Past customers—keeping in touch, letting them know about sales and specials
Business paperwork:  1 hour
Okay well most of it is on the computer, but there is a reasonable amount of records to be kept. Forms to file, copies to be made, etc.
Training: 2 hours
I try to take part in every training opportunity I get.  Shelf Reliance has a weekly training conference call.  My up line has a monthly conference call.  I also like to use the food a lot.  This allows me to answer customer questions with firsthand knowledge.

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