Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shout Outs: Where should I put all my Food Storage?

This week I have been spring cleaning in my food storage room (more about that later)  As I have been reorganizing and doing an inventory I have been thinking about where I stored my food storage before I moved into a house with a wonderful cold storage room.  I lived in a very small house with really no room for anything let along a year’s supply of anything.  But somehow we made it work.  If you too are living in a cozy home or apartment here are some ideas to help you stash your food storage. 

End Table you could eat from I dare you to eat it
Can you believe that under this cute end table is really 6 cases of wheat?  This great blog post show you how to build your own and also how to uses your cases of food storage for bedside tables.

Water Storage under a bed from Preparedness pro
Behind the couch from Food Storage and Survival

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  1. Great post! I commandeered our "Coat Closet" which resides under the stairs. Moved out the coats and shoes (since it is summer here anyway) and I have oodles of space to stack #10 cans, sorted by type. Under beds in guest room will be stage 2 :)