Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to choose the home party plan that is right for you.

Choosing a Home Party Business Opportunity:  How to evaluate a home party plan
When I started looking for a home party business opportunity the first thing I did was do a search in Google.  It came up with tons of options which was so discouraging.  I felt like most of the products were not something I was comfortable selling, or they were too expensive for my area.  I remember finding one I thought was amazing and as I was looking at the products there was nothing in the catalog I could afford, nothing.  I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of people who were consultants for various companies, to find out how they liked it and how much money they made. Sadly many of them did not make any money.  I was told by one consultant “it supports my habit” That is not what I was looking for.  I wanted to be compensated for my work.  I thought long and hard before I found the right opportunity for me.
Before you join any home-based party plan business you need to do some evaluation and decide if it is right for you.  I like to look at each home-based party plan in two parts: the product, and the opportunity.
Ask yourself the following questions before joining any home base party business.

Questions to ask about the home party products
  1. Do the products enrich lives? You need to be passionate about the product or you will not be successful.  If the product would enrich your life and that of others it is a good choice.
  2. Are the products consumable? If they are then the same customer can buy over and over again.  This creates a great customer base for you and allows you to have repeat customers. It's much easier to sell to a repeat customer than it is to find a new one.  If the product is something that is a onetime purchase it is much harder to have a repeat customers.
  3.   Are the products exclusive and/or competitively priced? Be sure the products are competitively priced and have a distinct advantage over  what is already be available.
  4. Do the products come with a money back guarantee? It’s important to find a home party plan company that stands behind its products

Questions to ask about the home party business opportunity.
  1. What are the volume sales requirements (quotas)?
  2. What type of business tools does the company have available? Things to look for consultant websites (be sure to find out what the cost is), brochures, DVDs, and online presentations.
  3.  When does a consultant become inactive and when are they removed as a consultant?  For many of us there are times when we need to stop working on our business for a couple of month (think having a new baby, having a major health problem, or going on sabbatical) what happens to you, your sales, your customers and your team if you have to take a little time off?
  4.  What kind of training and support is provided? Only choose a company that offers FREE ongoing training.
  5.    Do the home party company’s products sell well outside of the home party?  Look for other ways you can market the product (online,  at expos or fairs)  If you can find a business that works well, both in a home party setting and provides other numerous marketing possibilities, than you have an opportunity for greater growth.
  6.  What is the compensation plan like? The compensation plan should be simple to understand and easy for you to explain to others. Look for a generous plan where promotions are both achievable and maintainable. It should reward beginners as well as career oriented consultants with a good income opportunity. Does this plan have a track record of creating part-time and/or full-time incomes? Or are there just a few making significant incomes?
  7. Are the company’s values consistent with yours?

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