Monday, March 14, 2011

Make a Party Binder

I have found that having a lot of information organized and at my finger tips helps me answer the tricky questions customers ask.  How I do it is I have a Party Binder.  I take it to all my parties and then when a customer asks a tricky question I have somewhere to look up the answer. 
How did I make my binder?  I put everything in plastic sleeves and then I put divider tabs (the sticky self adhesive ones) down the sides and across the top. 
Here is what is in my binder:
1.       Calendar—I purchased my calendar it is a 81/2 by 11 and it is 3 hole punched.  It is not usually in my binder. It lives by my computer so I can keep track of when my parties are.  But when I go to a party I put it in the binder.
2.       Goals—You know how important I think goals are.  I keep my goals at the front so I can see them.
3.       Host Information—
a.       Potential  Host List
b.      Host Letter
c.       40 Guest in 4 Minutes  It is the second page of this PDF
d.      Host benefits form—We do this online but I think it is helpful to give a hard copy to the host so she can better understand how it works.
e.      Recipes
4.       Consultant Information
a.       Potential Consultant List
c.       Consultant Application-Yes I know we do this online but I find it helpful to have a hard copy of it.
e.      Consultant Materials Sheet-This has the starter packages on it and the supplies (like invitations and catalogues)
f.        Q print out—when a consultant signs up she/he also needs to set up a Q.  I have a print out (screen shot) of my Q.  It helps me to walk people through how to use the Q if I am not sitting at my computer.  I often pass it around at parties so customers can see what the Q looks like and how it works.
h.       Print out of Commission Calculator:  It is on the Consultant Materials Page of the back end
5.       Thrive Information
a.       Thrive Equivalents
b.      Thrive Comparison: 
                                                                           i.      Cost Comparison
                                                                         ii.      Thrive vs.  Honeyville Grain
c.       Nutrition Facts—I printed these out 2 to a page and it worked great. Yes there are a lot of them but when a customer has a specific question it is great to have the answer.
d.      Allergen Report. I have several copies of this.  I often hand them out to interested customers at parties.
e.      Cost Per Serving—I got this from another consultant and it is out dated now as it has not been updated as the price list has changed. But I still like it. Sometimes I get a customer that has a lots of questions about how expensive THRIVE is and how it compares to fresh.  When that is the case I just look up the cost per serving of the product they are looking at.  It is great.
f.        Garden Seeds---I get a lot of questions about these. I love having all the info right there to give to customers.

6.       FRS Information- I have the sales flier that came in my kit.
7.       Emergency Supply Information
8.       Originals of everything I copy for parties
a.       Price List
b.      Sale Flier
c.       Order Forms
d.      Quiz--My quiz is a work in progress.  When I am happy with it I will share it with you.
a.       Make or Update your Party Binder
b.      If you binder is up to date. Make something new that will help you be more organized.  

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