Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Announcements for Conference call on March 22, 2011

I hope you all listened to tonights conference call.  Tonight Jason said something I thought was awesome.  In the last month Shelf Reliance has doubled in size.  That is amazing.  I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of that growth.

Sadly with such exsplosive growth there are a few problems.

1.  The company is shipping about 1 week out.  Customers are being notified via e-mail.
What that means is if you put an order in today Tuesday March 22 then it would ship from shelf reliance in one week aka on Tuesday March 29th.  That is a long time. Especially for those of us who have gotten use to getting our stuff fast.   So what do I think you need to do about this?
  •  Plan a head.  Are you running out of party samples? catalogues? or any other suply you are going to need in the next couple of weeks?  If so order it sooner rather than later. 
  • Let your customers know.  When you are doing a party let those in attendance know that SR is currently about a week out on shipping.  It is a better policy to tell customers how it is then have them be upset later. 
  • Be patient.  I know it is horrible when you are out of chicken and you are hoping that your next shipment will come before your next party.  But if it dose not come have a back up plan.  If you need help coming up with something to serve from the products you have drop me an email or call me and I'll help you figure something out.
2.  They are behind on answering e-mails.  I don't know if you have e-mails that the company has not answered but I do.  I have some from early last week that I haven't heard back on.  I am really liking the LIVE CHAT option for customer service.  Give it a try.  

3.  Long wait times on the phone.  Okay I know when you really need help and you are on hold for ever it is aggravating.  First of all don't wait for ever on hold. You have better things to do with you life.  First of all try solving the problem yourself.  Second contact me or anyone else in your up-line.  Third try the live Chat. 
I thoought it might help if I gave you some pointers on when you call customer service and when to call me.  Here is what I came up with.

When should you call me or someone else on your upline:
1.  You need to tie orders to parties.  On the call Jason said that they get tons of calls about this.  Really?  If you don't know how to tie an order to a party PLEASE call me it is not that hard.  Here are some fast instructions:  When you first place an order you can easily tie it to a party.  Click on order.  Place New Order. Then select the party you want it tied to.  NEVER NEVER NEVER hit skip this step.  If you don't have a party to link the party to create one that you are the hostes of and link it to you so you get the host benefit. 
If the order has been places by the customer from the website and you want to link it to one of your parties (so you get the host benefit) you can link it to a party by going to Downline Sales Report. Customer/party orders.  Then you will see a list of all your orders, in the far right column it tells you the number of the party the order is linked to.  If it is not l inked then it will say "tie to party"  Click on "tie to party" and then on the party you want it linked too. 
2.  When you have general questions about how something works.  For example if you are not sure how the host benefit works, if you are not sure how to input an order in the back end, if you are not sure how to sign up a new consultant. if you have a customer asking questions about products you are unfamiliar with. 

When to call customer service:
1.  When you have a problem with a specific order.  For example, when you set up a host benefit order and it does not calculate the hosts free product correctly, or when you screwed up an order by entering the wrong shipping address (did that today, whoops).  If is something you need them to change in the computer system that you can not change from your end then you need to call. 

Some things you should know about the growth of SR;
1.  They have been hiring like mad.  They really are trying to hire and train as fast as they can.  They have been hirnging customer service, shipping and in IT.  Be patient.
2.  Next week they will be announcing some upgrades in the Q. 
3.  They really are trying to answer you questions and solve your problems.  Be patient.  They will catch up.
4.  There have been some changes to your dashboard.  They have changed the terminology to make it more clear.
Processing means that corporate has received the order and are working on it.
Shipped means the order has been shipped.
5. New food storage pacakage will be available next Monday.  It will be added to the price list.

6. State Tax info is on the website.
7.  Adds: Anytime you post an add either on a blog or website it needs to be approved.  Make sure you are getting things approved.

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