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How Much Do Shelf Reliance Consultants Make?

**additions in Green added May 11,2011 
I thought it might be helpful to many of my readers to know how much I made approximately at when I was at each level. I have added what I made under each heading. As you can see my numbers are slightly higher than the numbers published by Corporate Shelf Reliance, I think that is because I have an awesome team.

 I often get asked how much Shelf Reliance Consultants make. Here is my best answer.

Shelf Reliance consultants are independent and can work as little or as much as they want. Whatever fits their life and desire.  What a consultant makes is directly tied to how much work they are willing to do.  This is a real business that takes real work.  But when a consultant works hard the possible income is limitless.  There are no sale or party quotas.  When a consultant signs up she/he pays a $200.00 kit fee.  The kit contains business supplies, and food supplies. A consultant is also required to have an active THRIVE Q.

Shelf Reliance is a multi-level marketing company. The levels are consultant, mentor, director, executive, silver executive, gold executive, and platinum executive.

The following information is based off of the February 2011 company numbers.  As the company grows these numbers will go up.   The average party is around $900.00 so if a consultant has 4 average parties they are at the mentor level. 

As a Consultant the average commission is $60 a month. This would pay for your Q which in essence mean you are getting your food storage for "free". Or at least the cost of your time to do about one party a month. This is good in that you are not subtracting from the household budget while accumulating your food storage.

As a consultant I made a wide range of commissions, my first month I made $25.7.  I was the rank of consultant for several month with the last month I was a consultant I made about $200.00 in commission.  I think that this is a pretty common situation.  It takes a while to get parties set up and your business rolling. 
As a Mentor the average check is $400. This is significantly more than $60 and the sooner you can hit this rank the better because you also receive corporate leads when you hit mentor. An extra $400 coming in can make the difference a lot of us are looking for.

As a mentor I made about $500.00 in commission a month

As a Director the average check is $800.  
As a director I made about $550.00 in commission a month

As an Executive Director the average commission check is $1000. This is nearly a house payment a car payment and groceries. This is the extra fun stuff you want but don't want to purchase with your spouse's hard earned money.

As an executive I made about $1,300.00 in commission a month

As a Silver Executive the average check is $2000
So I have not hit silver executive yet (but I will this month) so I asked around and a friend of mine told me that when she was a silver executive she was averaging $1900 a month.   

As a Gold Executive the average commission in a month is $3000, here you are replacing income. I have not hit Gold Executive yet (but I will soon) a friend of mine told me that when she was at Gold Executive she was averaging about $3,000 a month.    

As a Platinum Executive the average commission in one month is $6000! And this number will only get bigger as your team grows.
I have not hit Platinum  Executive yet a friend of mine told me that she  at  Platinum Executive  and she is averaging about $9,000 a month.

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  1. Heather, where did you get these averages and numbers? I'd like to use them, but want to be sure I can tell people where I got them. Does SR post these numbers regularly? Thanks.

    Misty Marsh

  2. Jason Norton gave these numbers out on the company conference call that was the week of February 8th, 2011. No the company does not regularly release this info. This is the first time I have seen it.