Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last Week

This is the LAST week to take advantage of two great deals. 

Last Chance to Order and Avoid Sales Tax:
Shelf Reliance is changing its tax policy.  Customers outside of Utah have not been paying sale tax or food tax on their purchases.  Corporate Shelf Reliance has been paying the tax on all orders placed by customers outside of Utah. But as of  April 1st all of that is changing, and all customers will be paying their own tax.

So get your orders in now. Especially if you have been thinking about making a large purchase with your tax return, do it this month and avoid the tax. 

New Consultant Special Ends March 31, 2011
When you sign up as a new Shelf Reliance Consultant in march you receive a FREE box of party favorites  including; (those of you who are consultanat under me this is the last week to sign up a consultant and be entered to win)

Freeze Dried Strawberries       
Retail price $24.59
Freeze  Dried Chicken    
Retail price  $37.09
Taco TVP                  
Retail price  $13.89
Fudge Brownies
Retail price $14.79
Macaroon Cookies                       
Retail price $16.59

Total Retail Price  $106.59
Your Price: FREE

As a Consultant What Are My Commitments?
1.  A one-time starter kit $200.00
2. $50 monthly personal Q order

There are no quotas for parties or sales

Benefits of being a Shelf Reliance Consultant
1.     Party Commissions: 10% of Party Sales
2.     Recurring Commissions:  20% the first month and 5% ongoing.
3.     Host Benefits: As a consultant you are eligible for host benefits for any order that comes in outside of a party. 10% of the purchase in free product.
4.     Party Supply Benefit: As you conduct a party that reaches $1000.00 is sales you are eligible for $100.00 in product at ½ off.
5.      Build a Team: Enroll others on your team as consultants and earn $50 each time! As your team grows, you will also receive commissions from all of your consultants' parties, sales, and THRIVE Q signups for up to 3 levels below you.

I’m ready! What Now?
1.     Go to the website: and click on the START HERE button.  It will ask for the Enroller information.
Heather Lorimer, 435-535-1470,,
Consultant number #1209
Or give me a call and I will walk you through the process.

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