Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Week for Freeze Dried Frenzy Consultant Giveaway

This is the last week for our team promotion  Freeze Dried Frenzy:    
Just a reminder of how it works; 

 For the month of March anyone who signs up a consultant or signs up as a consultant will be entered in a drawing for a box of my favorite THRIVE foods.

 Each is a sealed number 10 can shipped directly to you.  Including:
Freeze Dried Strawberries                 
Retail price $24.59

Freeze  Dried Chicken            
Retail price  $37.09

Freeze Dried Taco TVP

Retail price  $13.89
 Fudge Brownies        

Retail price $14.79
Macaroon Cookies

Retail price $16.59

Total Retail Price  $106.59
Your Price: FREE

You and the new consultant will each get an entry.   If you have fence sitters I hope this will help them decide to join your Team.  I think this is a great was to jump start your team.  The consultants I personally add to the Team will be NOT be in the drawing (I have something else for them.)
So far the following people are entered in the drawing:
Amy Sancrant, Jodi and Julie, Jacqueline Brown, and Jeona Marble, Jodie Moore, Veronica Martin, and Amy Gordon. 

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