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How Much Do Shelf Reliance Consultants Make?

I thought it might be helpful to many of my readers to know how much I made approximately at when I was at each level. I have added what I made under each heading. As you can see my numbers are slightly higher than the numbers published by Corporate Shelf Reliance, I think that is because I have an awesome team.
 I often get asked how much Shelf Reliance Consultants make. Here is my best answer.

Shelf Reliance consultants are independent and can work as little or as much as they want. Whatever fits their life and desire.  What a consultant makes is directly tied to how much work they are willing to do.  This is a real business that takes real work.  But when a consultant works hard the possible income is limitless.  There are no sale or party quotas.  When a consultant signs up she/he pays a $200.00 kit fee.  The kit contains business supplies, and food supplies. A consultant is also required to have an active THRIVE Q set for $50.00 in product.

Shelf Reliance is a multi-level marketing company. The levels are consultant, mentor, director, executive, silver executive, gold executive, and platinum executive.

The following information is based off of the February 2011 company numbers.  As the company grows these numbers will go up.   The average party is around $900.00 so if a consultant has 4 average parties they are at the mentor level. 

How Much Do Shelf Reliance 
Consultants Make per Party? 

I was recently asked how much money I make per party. 
Let’s take a look

The average party take me about 4 house of work. 
My average party sales are about $1,500, which is slightly higher than the company average but I feel like it accurately represents what experienced consultants are doing.  

Consultants earn 10% commission off of party sales.  So I earn $150.00 in commission.

 At each party I figure that I spend about $15.00 in samples, literature, and other expenses. 

Making my take home $135.00 per party or $33.00 per hour.  I am pretty happy with that.  

A personal note, I have been a consultant for about 18 months and I am now making more money than I made when I was teaching school full time, but I think pretty darn good for a stay at home mom who is doing it part time.   I'm not a superstar salesman but I work hard.

How Much Do Shelf Reliance Consultant Make?  
The Breakdown by Rank

As a Consultant the average commission is $60 a month. 
This would pay for your Q which in essence mean you are getting your food storage for "free". Or at least the cost of your time to do about one party a month. This is good in that you are not subtracting from the household budget while accumulating your food storage.

As a consultant I made a wide range of commissions, my first month I made $25.70.  I was the rank of consultant for several month with the last month I was a consultant I made about $200.00 in commission.  I think that this is a pretty common situation.  It takes a while to get parties set up and your business rolling. 

As a Mentor the average check is $400. 
This is significantly more than $60 and the sooner you can hit this rank the better because you also receive corporate leads when you hit mentor. An extra $400 coming in can make the difference a lot of us are looking for.
As a mentor I made about $500.00 in commission a month

As a Director the average check is $800.  
As a director I made about $550.00 in commission a month

As an Executive Director the average commission check is $1000. 
This is nearly a house payment a car payment and groceries. This is the extra fun stuff you want but don't want to purchase with your spouse's hard earned money.
As an executive I made about $1,300.00 in commission a month

As a Silver Executive the average check is $2000.
Update Added July 8, 2011:  As a silver executive I make about $2050.00 in commission each month. I hit Silver Executive after being a consultant for 14 months.   

As a Gold Executive the average commission in a month is $3000. Here you are replacing income. 
Added October 27, 2011:  As a Gold Executive I make about $2,800.00 a month.   I hit gold executive after being a consultant for 19 months.  

As a Platinum Executive the average commission in a month is $6000! 
And this number will only get bigger as your team grows.
I hit Platinum Executive for the first time in November of 2012. That month I made $6,253.31 in commission.   

** additions in red added October 27, 2011
**additions in green added May 11,2011 
**additions in orange added  July 8, 2011
**additions in purple added Feb 5th, 2013

How Do I Sign Up To Be A Consultant? 

Signing up to be a consultant is an easy process.  It is all done on line and it only take 15 minutes.  

Please think carefully about the consultant you sign up under, as this person becomes your trainer and support system.   Check out how I support my team.  

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can become a Shelf Reliance Consultant check out these blog posts:

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Or please contact me at


  1. So where are you at? Have you hit mentor yet?

  2. I appreciate you giving a breakdown of each level in this blog entry and the detail. You may not wish to answer this, or perhaps even leave this for another blog entry because I suspect the answer is fairly complex, but I would like to ask if you would share some do's and don'ts with new consultants. What made the difference in advancing at each level? What do you do differently at a Silver Executive that you didn't do as a consultant or mentor? Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for the additional links, Heather! I am a new consultant and like competing against my own performance, so I want to learn as much as I can. I'm looking forward to reading the links you've shared. Cheers!

  4. I really like how much can be made through this business asone advances.

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  6. Melissa, I hope you found enough information on being a consultant. If not feel free to e-mail me

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    How hard will this be with a newborn? Or should I wait a little after he is born to get started?

    I'm also a little worried cause I've tried to host a party before (for scensty) and no one wanted to come/came. So I'm a little worried to do this if no one will come.