Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Double Dip--What you need to do.

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The Double Dip by Sariah Schmickrath

This is a great tool to use to book more parties/demos from your first one to get the ball rolling if you are just starting out. Or if you been a consultant for a while and hit a dead end use the double dip to get things moving again! And of course to keep things moving by booking parties off of parties.

It’s simple. Anyone who places an order at a party and then wants to host their own party gets the credit of the order they personally placed at the original party applied to the party they will host at a future date.

Example: If Teresa hosts a party and Heather places an order at the party for $250 and decides to host her own party, Teresa gets the $250 sale on her host benefit.  Heather will also get the $250 credit on her host benefit because of her original order at Teresa's party. Teresa would also get $100 at half-off retail price product on her host benefit because Heather booked a party from Teresa's party. Heather only gets $100 half-off credits when her party hits $400 in sales or she has a guest book a party from her own party.
Because we offer the double dip, when Heather hosts her party she'll already have $25 in free product before she's invited one person! It’s a win win for everyone.

A Couple Things To Remember
It’s best to tie these new parties to the current party they are booked from for two reasons.
1. Because the original host gets $100 half-off credit for every party booked from their own demo 

2. It pulls the double dip credit easily over to the past customer who is now the new host's benefit form, saving you a call into SR customer service.

What if I hit a wall and I want to entice a past customer to host a party will they still get their double dip after I close the original party?

Yes. But the original host will not get the $100 half-off credit. You will still need to enter the original party ID # they ordered from when you create the new event. That way their previous order will be tied to the event they are now hosting, again saving a call into Shelf Reliance.

If you have questions about the double dip tool email them to me. I am happy to answer your questions!

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