Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shelf Reliance Black Friday Sneak Peek

The Shelf Reliance Black Friday Sale is coming.   
Sale starts Friday November 25th at 12:00 midnight MST  through Monday November 28th  at 12:00 midnight  MST.

Quantities are limited. 

You can place an order through my consultant store at http://homeparties.shelfreliance.com  or by following the links below.  Or you can contact me directly.   heather@teamshelfrealince.com or 435-535-1470 

The links on this page will NOT reflect the sale price until Black Friday November 25th.

Consultant Starter Kits will all be 20% off.  If you are interested in becoming a consultant this is a great time.   Sign up during the first day and you can place orders for you family and friends during the sale.

Lots of things are on sale to I’ve picked out a few deals you don’t want to miss.

My Top 5 Sale Picks

1. Mixed Veggie Pack SALE: $57.79

          The Mixed Veggie 6-Pack includes gallon-sized cans of freeze dried and dehydrated vegetables.
·         1 Carrot Dices - Dehydrated
·         1 Cauliflower - Freeze Dried
·         1 Sweet Corn - Freeze Dried
·         1 Chopped Onions - Freeze Dried
·         1 Potato Chunks - Dehydrated
·         1 Green Beans - Freeze Dried

This is in my opinion the BEST deal of the sale. 
The regular retail price is $97.89 making the sale price a savings of $40.10.  There are 6 cans in the package making each can only $9.63.   That is a screaming good deal.

I love to use the items in this pack to use to make soup.  A ½ a cup of each veggie added to some broth and simmered for 10 minutes and dinner is on the table.  Love it.

This is what I am giving to everyone for Christmas this year. (If you are on my Christmas list pretend to be surprised!)

2.  Freeze Dried Broccoli  SALE: $13.69  

If I had to choose only one freeze dried veggie to store it would be the broccoli.  I’ll warn you the freeze dried broccoli is ugly, but it is delicious.  To reconstitute simmer in hot water for 7 minutes and you’re ready to eat.  It works great is casseroles, soups, and as a side dishes.  And $13.69 is a great price.  Which when you do the math comes out to be $0.29 per serving. 

3. Freeze Dried Peach Slices SALE: $21.39 

The peach slices are large slices.  We love to eat them as a snack  and we use them in all our peach cobblers and pies.  

4.  Harvest 72˝ #10 SALE: $249.99

I have 2 harvest #10s and I LOVE them.  My food storage is now organized and usable instead of being in a huge stack of boxes.   This is a great shelf at a great price.  The traditional Harvest is also on sale at this price. 

5. Expedition Basic   4 Person Kit  SALE: $138.09  

 This is a great kit.  Everything comes packaged in two heavy duty back packs.  All you need to add is clothing and personal medication.  I love it.  I tried once to make my own by purchasing things individually from a local store.  It ended up being way more expensive than I thought.  Buying it all at once is a great way to get it done. 

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