Thursday, November 10, 2011

Customer E-mails

Have you ever wondered what E-mails your customers receive from Shelf Reliance? 

1.  New Customer E-mail  

When a customer places an order for the first time they get a welcome letter with their password. 

2.  Monthly Sales 

Each month when SR announces their new sales they send an e-mail to all customer with the new sales flyer. 

3.  New Q E-mail

  When a customer sets up a Q SR sends them a letter about the Q.  

4.  Monthly Q Pon

Each month customers in the Q club receive a letter from SR that contains the Q-pon and the recipe for the month. 

5.  Hosts  

When a party is scheduled each host receives an e-mail from SR telling them about hosting a party.  

6.  Special Events

When a special event is scheduled for the customer’s geographic area they receive an e-mail about it.  

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