Monday, July 16, 2012

Shelf Reliance Party Idea: A Sun Oven Party

At one of my recent parties the host asked me to bring my sun oven.  She held the party just so she could buy the sun oven at ½ price.  And I have to admit that a sun oven for only $164.96 is pretty darn amazing.    It was a great addition to my party.  If you have a sun oven I would definitely take it to your next party.

I made Rosemary Olive Oil Bread in the sun oven earlier in the day.  (remember that the sun oven works best in the last morning/early afternoon).  I also brought balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip it in.  I brought my sun oven roasting pan to the party.   I had 1 guest purchase, and 2 guests schedule parties so they can get a sun oven at ½ price (the July special)

How I set up: 
I set up the sun oven at the front of the room and placed it on the floor.  I pointed it toward the ceiling light as if the ceiling light was the sun.    

What I said: 
The guests were super interested in the sun oven.  As the guests arrived they stated munching on the bread.  (one guests said it was like a fancy restaurant) Before the party started I had them munching on the bread and the host  kept telling everyone that I baked it in the sun oven.
Before I could say anything about it they started asking questions. 

Here are the basics of what they wanted to know.
1.     How the sun oven work?   The sun oven uses the energy of the sun to cook like a convection oven.  The large reflectors focus the sunlight into the baking chamber, heating it up to 350 degrees in about 20 minutes.
2.      Will it work in the winter?  Yes the sun oven works when it is sunny.  If there is enough sun to cast a shadow then there is enough sun to cook in the sun oven.  Be sure to check the weather report.  You don’t want to cook half way into your cooking time and then have a rain storm come through, blocking all of the sun.
3.      Can you cook meat in it?   Yes.  If you can cook it in your regular oven you can cook it in your sun oven.
4.      How is cooking in it different from cooking in your regular oven?  It is harder to burn things in the sun oven.  Items cooked in the sun oven raise faster (think bread) and say moister.
Other things I told them:
1.       How to set it up.
2.      When to use the leg.  Use it in the winter months to point the sun oven at the sun, which in lower in the sky.
3.      How to use it like a slow cooker.  In the morning aim the sun oven at where the sun will be at 12:00 noon.  Add the food to the sun oven.  Let the food cook as you would in a slow cooker (I even use my slow cooker insert in the sun oven).  Do not reposition every half hour. 
4.      How to use the sun oven like a regular oven.  Set the oven up by pointed  it at the sun.  You should have equal shadows on each side of the sun oven.  Preheat 20 minutes (with the glass latches closed)  when temp reaches 350 add food.  Cook the same time you would in the regular oven.  Every 30 minutes re-aim at the sun. 

5.      How to get it ready the first time:  Remove the blue film.  Preheat oven.  Fill pan with hot soapy water.  Place in sun oven until water is HOT and glass is covered in condensation.  Use the water to wash the inside of the sun oven.  NEVER put cold water on the hot glass!!!! Hot glass and cold water almost always lead to cracked glass.   

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