Monday, July 2, 2012

Get the most out of the July Host Incentive

Shelf Reliance is offering all hosts in July $500 at half off.  I’m so excited about this promotion I think that this is a great chance for customers to purchase some of the pricier emergency supplies and food packages at a great deal,  and a chance for you to get a bunch of parties.

This promotion is ONLY for July.  You might have noticed that July has already started.  So be sure to let your customer/friends/family know ASAP.   I’m personally going to try to get all of my parties set up on Tuesday the 3rd of July, so that I have time to get host invitations, and they have time to get the invitations out to their guests.  Remember to plan around the holiday.

Promotions can be tricky because you have to follow the rules.  So first let’s talk about the rules.  Below are the rules as Shelf Reliance sent them out earlier today.  Everything in Green ITALICS is my explanation.   
The rules for redeeming this incentive are as follows:
  1. This incentive may only be redeemed once (Each host is only allowed 1 host benefit order with the promotion) and is valid for one product only—hosts may not combine products to reach the $500 retail value.  (Hosts may only use the $500 at half off on ONE item.  So help your host make it a good one.  On the regular ½ off section of the host benefit order form they can order smaller items.  This $500.00 is really meant to help hosts purchase something big)
  2. The party must be held in July and must record $100 sales to be eligible (The host really has to have a party.  There must be at least $100 in party sales and the party must be held in July)
  3. This incentive is in addition to the usual host benefits  (Remember the host will still get the normal free and ½ off items)
  4. A special host benefit order form must be submitted to Shelf Reliance by August 7th via fax to 801-492-3978 or email It may take up to 2-3 weeks to process your order. The regular host benefits for the party may be either submitted on this form or entered separately online.  (You are going to fill out the host benefit by hand and fax it into Shelf Reliance.  This is a pain for consultants.  I won’t lie to you so DO NOT leave it until the last day.  Fill out the host benefits ASAP.)

1.   What if a I have a host already scheduled to host a party in July?
a. Happy day for the host.  Be sure to contact her and let her know about the   promotion.

2. Can consultants take advantage of this promotion?
a.   Heck yes.  I hope you do.  Host your own party and get some awesome stuff at ½ off.

3.  How do I let me customer/potential host know about the promotion?
a. You should shortly be receiving an email from me that I am sending to my customers.  It explains the incentive and outlines some of the awesome things they can get at half price.   Change the contact info (remember the url) and send it on to your customers.
b. Make a list of customer (friends, family etc.) that you think would be interested in the promotion.  Then get on the phone and call these people.
c.  Host your own party EARLY in the month.  At your party and every party this month, be sure to explain the promotion.
d. Get your calendar set up.  Right now take your calendar out and highlight every day you can have a party.  Be sure to note days that you cannot have a party.  This way when a customer/friend/family member says
“Heather I want to have a party on the 24th of July.”
You look at your calendar and say  “I’m sorry that is Pioneer day here in Utah and I’m not available, would the 26th work for you?”  Trust me if you don’t get your calendar set up you will end up with parties on days you can’t do them (aka your son’s birthday).
4. Can the Costco matches be used as a half-off item?
a. No. Only the items on the price list that have a retail price listed can be used on this promotion.

ID Number Retail PriceAt ½ off when you host a party in July
Kitchen Mill Wheat Grinder
I looked online and could not find any electric wheat grinders at this price.
This wheat grinder gets good reviews (on Amazon where it runs $179.99 plus shipping)
42250Providence Extreme  - 2 Person Kit
* Bright Sticks (4)
* Sportsman Headlamp (2)
* Metal Whistle (2)
* First aid and CPR booklet
* First aid Kit
* Dust Mask N95 (2)
* Survival Handbook
* Work Gloves (2)
* Toothpaste
* Generic Hand Sanitizer (2)
* Go Towel (4)
* Tissue pack (4)
* Toilet Paper (2)
* Toothbrush (2)
* Wet Naps (6 packs)
* Pocket knife
* Tri Fold Shovel
* Waterproof Pouch
* 10 yard Duct Tape
* Utility Rope
* Backpack
* Large Backpack
* AAA Batteries (6)
* Note Pad
* Pencil
* 2400 Calorie Bar (6)
* Aqua Blox Water (24)
* Five Piece Mess Kit (2)
* Water Bottle Filter (2)
* Knife, Fork & Spoon Set (2)
* Wing Stove w/ Fuel Tablet (2)
* Heat Pack (8)
* Sparkie Fire Starter
* Wet Fire Starter
* Waterproof Matches
* Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag (2)
* Fleece Sleeping Bag (2)
* Plastic Drop Cloth
* Poncho (2)
* Tube Tent
* Dynamo FM Radio flashlight
* Midland 22 mile radio
67556Shelf Reliance Power Center499.99249.99
66427Volcano Stove + Cooking Kit 247.99 123.99
253991 year breakfast :

Total Servings: 1,246
Total Calories: 89,065
Average Calories Per Day: 244
Package Contents
1 10 Grain Pancake Mix
1 9 Grain Cracked Cereal
1 Germade
2 Quick Oats
1 Sliced Bananas - Freeze Dried
1 Blackberries - Freeze Dried
1 Blueberries - Freeze Dried
1 Strawberries - Freeze Dried
1 Chocolate Drink Mix
2 Instant Milk
Meats & Beans
2 Whole Egg Powder
2 Diced Ham - Freeze Dried
2 Sausage Crumbles - Freeze Dried

If purchased separately this package would be:  $415.92  at the party price, before tax and shipping.
64413Goal 0 Adventure kit plus
This kit features an Extreme Power Pack and the needed Boulder Solar Panel to charge.  Rated for a 20 year shelf life, the solar panel is built with strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame.  This panel charges the Extreme Power Pack in 20-25 hours.  The Extreme Power Pack can charge any device with USB, 12V, and AC outputs.  It can also power a laptop for 15 hours or cell phones for 350+ hours.
56665Solar Sun Oven--This is a great deal!329.99164.99

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