Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Product Training: How the Big Box Store Match Work

Background:  Shelf Reliance sells a few packages at “Big Box Stores”.   These packages and other items have been awesome for home party consultants, because people get introduced to Shelf Reliance from “Big Box Store” and want to learn more/buy more products.  I have personally had a TON of business from people who have seen our products at “Big Box Store”.  The other thing that selling through “Big Box Store” does for home party consultants is it allows up to give our customers an AWESOME deal.   

Things go know about the “Big Box Store” Price Matches
1.      These packages are found on the home party price list under “Specialty Packages” page  of the 6 of the Home Party Winter price list.  Please note that there is NO retail price on these packages.  Other items that are for sale from “big box stores” such as individual buckets or emergency supplies are found in their regular place on the price list.  It is also a good idea to look for them on the addendum.    
2.      These packages are NOT in the catalog
3.      These packages are NOT available through your Consultant URL
4.      These packages are an AWESOME good deal!
5.      The contents of these packages can be found on the Packages PDF.
6.      If “Big Box Store” Price runs a short term Shelf Reliance special then you will see it in the news feed, and you will be able to offer it to your customers as well.
7.  The price matches are calculated to be less expensive than the big box stores including the shipping that your customer will have to pay.  So the total price will be cheaper, sometimes the home party price is literally a penny cheaper but ALWAYS consultants can offer customers a cheaper price.
8.   So what is the cost with tax and shipping?  That is a good question, and the answer is it depends on where you live.  Tax is calculated based on your address, some of us pay more sales tax and some less, so I always advertise the price without tax and shipping.

How to sell the “Big Box Store” Price Matches
I really like to make sure my customers know what the best deals are.  Often the “Big Box Store” Price matches are the best deals.  (anyone remember the chicken and beef package?  What an awesome deal).   
1.       At parties I have a flyer at the front of every binder that I call the “Best Deals” or sometimes “Unadvertised Specials”  this is a flyer that contains a description of a few of the “Big Box Store” Price matches and their price.  You can find a copy of my current “Unadvertised Specials Flyer” here.   At a party when I am walking the guests through the binder I say “I always want to know what the best deal is, so I have studied the price list and discovered the best deals.  Each of these deals off you a significant saving.  For example….”
2.      To my existing customers:  I send out a newsletter once a month with the sale items for the month, a recipe, and any great deals they need to know about.  I always include one of these deals. 
3.      Screaming Deals:  This is something Sariah started has passed down to member of her team (that is me and you).  This is an e-mail that Sariah writes about one of the “Big Box Store” Price matches highlighting one specific product.  The screaming deals have been very effective. 
4.      Recommend the packages when customers are buying a portion of it.   I often have guests at parties that order a couple of the items in a package.  Almost always if they are ordering 4 items in the package (of 6) it is only a few more dollars to get the package.  I say to the customer “I noticed that you are getting the peaches, pineapple, mangoes, bananas.  Those four together cost $111.16.    I think you might be interested in the tropical fruit package, it comes with all of those plus pears and apricots and it is only a few dollars more.  It is $118.70.”  I have never had a customer turn it down and it teaches the customer that you are looking out for them, and that Shelf Reliance products are a great deal. 


  1. Great post! I'm sending my consultants to read your post!

  2. Can packages be added to a Q order?

  3. Amber--sadly you can not add these packages to your Q.