Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Powdered Butter Revisited

I created a handout on powdered butter use.  It is at the below link

Powered Butter Handout

A few thoughts on baking with powdered butter.

  • When used in baking add dry butter powder with dry ingredients.   
  • If the recipe calls for butter to be “creamed” with sugar as it does in many cookies recipes, add the butter powder sugar and water (just the water to rehydrate the butter) and cream that.  It will NOT look right, but it will bake right.  
  • If the recipe calls for butter to be “cut in” as it does in many biscuit recipes. Just stir the butter powder into the dry ingredients with a wisk then add the water to rehydrate with the wet ingredients. 
  • Butter powder does not fry or saute well.

To replace fresh butter in cooking follow this chart
Amount of butter neededAmount of Butter powder Amount of water
½ c.½ c.2 T.
1 cup1 cup1/4 cup
2 cups2 cups 1/2 cup

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  1. I just found your blog through an email you sent and I love it!! Thanks for the info on butter. It is my next adventure!