Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Cook Dry Beans in the Oven: A No-Soak Method

The is really vary rarely something new about cooking dry beans, but the other day I ran across a post on www.thekitchn.com about cooking beans in the oven without soaking.  So I tried it.  And I liked it.  So I thought you might like it to. I think this is a great method for beans with flavor.  I used Anasazi beans, but I think it would work great with black beans or any heirloom beans you might have.

This is the origional post:

How to cook dry beans in the oven:
Heat the oven to 325°. Put 1 pound of beans in a 3-quart (or larger) Dutch oven or pot with a tight-fitting lid.

A clay pot is ideal. Add 2 teaspoons of salt. Add enough water to cover the beans by about 1 inch. Put on the lid and bake for 75 minutes.

Check the beans and stir them. If they are tender, take them out of the oven.

If they aren't done, put them back in for 15 minute intervals until they are, adding a cup of hot water if they seem to be drying out. This will take at most 2 hours, but will probably take less than 90 minutes.

You can add aromatics like a bay leaf, chipotle pepper, or a few cloves of garlic, but do remember that fresh heirloom dried beans have enormous flavor all on their own. They are not the bland mush of canned beans.

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