Friday, June 14, 2013

Questions about Thrive Life Consultants Comission Plan


 1.    What are the requirements for a Thrive Life consultant to receive commission?

  Consultants do not have a minimum sales qualification to remain active; they only have to maintain a a. Q of at least $50 to receive commissions on any sales they have, regardless of how little or how large their sales number may be.

2.       Why is there a higher commission percentage for Q orders?
a.      The Q is the lifeblood of the consultant commission plan and provides consultants the opportunity for residual income. Thrive Life pays a higher commission on the first month of new customer and consultant Qs as an incentive to consultants who promote this valuable tool.
3.      Are my personal sales a part of my team sales?
a.      Yes, your personal sales are included in your team sales amount.
4.      Do I earn a commission on my own Q?
a.      No; if you are a consultant, commission on your Q is paid to your sponsoring consultant. However, it is included in your team volume qualification amount.
5.      Do I get rewards for making purchases aside from my personal Q?
a.      You will receive a 10% commission for everything you buy in addition to your Q. These purchases contribute to your monthly personal sales total. They can also be tied to a party, and if you make yourself the host of the party you can receive host benefits from your purchases.
6.      What is the time period that my commission is calculated from each month?
a.      All monthly sales are calculated from 5 pm on the 1st of the month to 5 pm on the 1st of the following month (Mountain Standard or Daylight Time).
7.      When can I expect my commission check/direct deposit to arrive each month?
a.      Commission will be deposited on the 15th of the month following the commission period.
8.     How many levels of downline do Thrive Life consultants receive commission from?
a.      A consultant can receive commission on up to three levels. The actual level is determined by the sales rank achieved in a particular month. Details on this plan are contained in the PATH or on the website at index/earningpotential.
9.     Does Thrive Life have consultant contests?
a.     Yes, there is always a contest in progress; as soon as one ends, another begins. In the past consultants have earned trips to Costa Rica and Cancun.    

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