Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Screaming Deal on Food Storage! Thrive Life Consultant Value Kit.

One of the things I love about being a Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) consultant is being able to pass on screaming good deals.  Recently I realized what an amazing deal the Thrive Life Consultant Value kit is. 

Thrive Life Consultant Value Kit $289. You save $131.51.
Retail is over $475, Q Party price is $420.24 
The Thrive Life Consultant Value Kit includes:

Party Samples
·         Chicken Salad (2) 
·         Cornbread (2) 
·         Chipotle Corn Chowder (2) 
·         Simply Peach Smoothie (2) 
·         Salsa (2) 
·         Fudge Brownies
·         Macaroon Cookies (2) 
·         Sliced Strawberries
·         Pineapple Chunks
·         Mangoes
·         Banana Slices
·         Granny Smith Apple Slices 

·         Sweet Corn 

·         Strawberry Yogurt Bites 
·         Instant Milk
·         Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Meat and Protein
·         Ground Beef
·         Scrambled Egg Mix
Drink Mix
·         Orchard Apple Drink Mix
·         10 Grain Pancake Mix
Thrive Express
·         THRIVE Express pouch: chili lime chicken rice (2) 
·         THRIVE Express pouch: Loaded Scalloped Potatoes (2) 
·         THRIVE Express pouch: Creamy Beef and Noodles (2) 
·         THRIVE Express pouch: Creamy Noodle Soup (2) 
·         Thrive Express Variety  Pack (12 pouches)  (Q party price value: $81.99)
Business Pack
·         Sample cups (50)
·         THRIVE Life apron
·         PATH manual
·         THRIVE cookbook
·         Opportunity DVD
·         PATH DVD
·         Ignite 90 flyer
·         Party display cards
Literature Pack
·         Postcard invitations (100)
·         Order forms (20)
·         Host benefit order forms (2)
·         Opportunity brochures (20)
·         THRIVE brochures (20)
·         Host brochures (20)
·         Q brochures (20)
·         Catalogs (10)

* Thrive express items come in a Mylar pouch and make approximately four servings.  All other items come in a pantry can, which is the size of a SMALL coffee can and holds about 3 cups.

With this kit you are saving money and as a consultant you are able to:
·         Get the lowest pricing and share that with your friends and family.  Many consultants are building their food storage just selling to their contacts during big sales (like black Friday)
·         Start building your food storage on a regular basis as a Q customer.
·         No sales or party quotas
·         Own your own business.

To order the Thrive Life Consultant Value Kit and sign up as a Thrive Life Consultant:
Click on the blue “Get Started Button”
When you get the Enroller Information enter: 
Enroller: Heather Lorimer
Phone: 435-535-1470
ID #:  1209

I LOVE being an Independent Thrive Life Consultant.  I have been able to build my food storage very quickly using free and ½ items that I have earned as a consultant.   I earn commission on everything I sell including my own purchases.  I love being able to offer my friends and family awesome deals on food storage, emergency supplies, and shelving.

If you have any questions please contact me at 435-535-1470 or heather@teamshelfreliance.com

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