Monday, March 11, 2013

Preparedness Accomplishments and Goals

Last week’s preparedness accomplishments

  • Made granola with the kids.  I love cooking simple things with my kids.  I ended up making it just with the little ones so they did a lot of dumping of ingredients and I did everything else. 
  • This week I figured out what I need from the Case Lot sale, and decided to wait for a different stores case lot sale.  Most of the grocery stores  in my area have case lot sales this time of year and they offer slightly different products.  After inventorying what I needed I found that I need to wait a couple of weeks for those items to go on sale at another store. 
  • Purchased a Volcano Stove for my husband.  It has been on his emergency prep wish list for a while and so this week we got it.  He is already excited to try it out.  He told me I should try canning on it.  I’m pretty skeptical about that but if it works I’ll let you know. 
  • Made stir fry with the sprouts I grew last week.  My 8 year old told “Me that we were wasting seeds because those seeds could have grown into plants and grown more seeds but they can’t now because we ate them.”
  • Made banana bread from food storage (plus my fresh bananas and minus the chocolate chips)
This week’s preparedness goals

  • Put away my recent purchases.  Over the past week or two we have added a bunch to our food storage and our preparedness supplies.  They all got brought into the house and piled in the basement.  This week I need to put everything away. 
  •  Make muffin mixes.  I love these Mix and Match Muffins, and we are out of muffin mixes so it is time.
  • Make a list of easy to make food storage meals.  I recently ran across a list of 100 dinner ideas and I want to make one of easy food storage meals.  That way when you are wondering what to make it is easy to come up with an idea.
  • Try to make something edible with Quinoa.  I know that everyone loves it but my family has really struggled with it.  I’m hoping that the new Shelf Reliance Organic Quinoa is going to be amazing. 
  • Try a new recipe.  I have one for Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup that I’m hoping will convent to 100% food storage easily.  I’ll share the recipe if it turns out to be delicious.

What did you do to be better prepared this week?  

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