Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Shelf Reliance Starter Kits

These kits have replaced the old kits.  (I’m super excited about them). 
The pricing is the same as before: 
So what is new: 
New sizes—the items are in pantry cans not in pouches (except the THRIVE express).
            New Recipes and Updated Recipes—All of the recipes have been refined and updated—even the chicken salad, making them easier and tastier.  I’ve tried all of them and I know they are going to be a hit at parties.
Consultant Starter Kit: $199 plus shipping
·         Business Pack
o    Sample cups (50)
o    THRIVE Life apron
o    PATH manual
o    THRIVE cookbook
o    Opportunity DVD
o    Ignite 90 flyer
o    Party display cards
o   Mall certificate
·         Literature Pack
o    Postcard invitations (100)
o    Order forms (20)
o    Host benefit order forms (2)
o    Opportunity brochures (20)
o    THRIVE brochures (20)
o    Host brochures (20)
o    Q brochures (20)
o   Catalogs (10)
·         Party Pack 1
o    Chicken Salad (2)
o    Cornbread (2)
o    Chipotle Corn Chowder (2)
o    Fudge Brownies
o    Sliced Strawberries
o    Sweet Corn
o    THRIVE Express pouch:
o    Chili Lime Chicken Rice (2)
o    THRIVE Express pouch: Loaded
o   Scalloped Potatoes (2)

Value Starter Kit:$289 plus shipping (check the flyer for the details)
Deluxe Starter Kit: $579 plus shipping (check the flyer for the details)

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