Monday, December 19, 2011

Technology that Makes Being A Consultant Easier

Recently I have come across a couple of pieces of Technology that Make life as a consultant much easier.  I thought I would share them with you. 

Use F3 to search a webpage.  When you are on a webpage (this includes the back end) you can press F3 and it will pull up a dialog box that allows you to search that page.  This is great for managing your team, finding an order, or a customer e-mail. 

Check Cashing From your Phone:  Many banks are starting to offer the option of taking a photo of a check with your smart phone and depositing it in your account.  No more running to the bank to drop off those checks from a party.  I have been using check cashing from my phone for a while and I love it.  Check with your bank to see if they offer it.  (I use Chase and it is easy to use.)

GPS Navigation:  Okay so everyone knows how great GPS navigation is, unless of course you have never used it.  My husband got it for me right after I became a consultant and I LOVE it.  No more getting lost on the way to a party.  If you are doing a lot of parties outside of the area you know well, than this is a must have.

Program the Tax Rates into your Calculator:  In case you haven’t noticed I am NOT a math whiz.  Sales tax and food tax sometimes trick me up.  If you are the same just program the tax rate into your calculator (or have your math whiz husband do it).  Than all you have to do is push on button and the tax is figured out for you. 
The Front End of Shelf Reliance’s Web Site:  There are a lot of resources on the front end (which is what customers usually see).  These tools are very helpful for consultants.  Be sure to check out:

Online Catalog  This is very helpful to add to you blog, or to e-mail to customers.  I send it to party hosts, potential consultant, okay well everyone.  I like it because it allows customer to see the products. 

Food Calculator (also Called THRIVE Planner):  I like setting up planners from the front end because then you can e-mail it to a customer and to yourself.

Emergency Kit Planner  This allows you to create a customer emergency kit.  Love it. 

The Back End or Consultant Side of Shelf Reliance’s Website

Marketing Kit  (Consultant Materials →Marketing → Marketing Kit)  This will download a bunch of images and logos for your use.  This fan page has a bunch of easy to use buttons for your blog (or you can use them as adds)  These adds/buttons are already approved and you can use them without getting approval from SR.

What technology do you use that makes things easier?   

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