Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shelf Reliance Entree Review

I am sure I posted or e-mailed this out before but I can't find it so I thought I'd put it up again, in case you also can't find it. 
I did a taste test on all the entrees a while ago so that I could say something to customers besides "I've never tried that"

 I tested the entrees that come in the 6 pack (so I was missing 2) with about 20 people and then we discussed how we liked them.

  Tips to Making Entrees  

1.  Don't rush the cooking time.  If you don't cook them long enough they are not so good. 

2.  Make sure the stir the can before you measure out what you need.  Some of the veggies or meat will sink to the bottom and you want veggies and meat every time you make it not just the last time.

3.  The seasonings come in individual packages inside the can.  I thought that was weird at first.  So you might need to dig through the rice (or what ever) to find it. 

I digress sorry, here are the results of our very unofficial taste test:

Baked Potato Cheese Soup.  The only problem is the peas don't ever get soft.  But if you can get past that it is great.
Beef Chilli--can be a little spicy, you don't have to use all the seasoning
Broccoli Cheese Soup--to bump it up a notch try adding in a little freeze dried broccoli.
Sweet Pepper Steak ( I was surprised how much we liked this)

Chicken Noodle Soup
Veggie Risotto (people really loved this or hated it)
Creamy Tomato Chicken

Not Good: 
Cheesy Potatoes
Chicken Curry

Haven't tried:
Mesquite BBQ Chicken
Dijon Chicken

What do you think?  Have you tried them?  


  1. Thanks for this Heather! All I every say is "I haven't tried them" I will now have some info to give people.

  2. I'm gonna stick up for the Curried Rice with Chicken =). My family likes it a lot!

    Curry (The spice)is usually something that people either like or don't like, so this is an initial dividing factor. Then, in the camp that like curry, there will be those that don't care for lentils. So there's another consideration.

    But, overall, we like it a lot. We did add a bit more water so that it wasn't so thick.

    We tried the Mesquite BBQ Chicken, and found it to be okay, but definitely needed hot sauce and cheese, or something additional, in our was kind of bland.

    One thing we found helpful is to measure carefully, or else the last two servings will be more like soup. I've also found that I need to keep my husband out of the Chili can...he munches on the beef and beans and then there's not enough left for the last batch.(!)

    I usually show the chili at parties. I can mix it up right in front of everyone to show how simple it is, toss it into a small crock pot (to keep it hot), plug in, and go on with my presentation. Then I serve it with scoops and a touch of the sour cream on top. At around $3.00 per serving, that's pretty cheap fast food...and definitely more nutritious =).

    Thanks for this great summary of the Entrees, Heather! Now we just need a commentary on the Dijon Chicken...

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