Saturday, January 22, 2011

Garden Vegetable Seeds

 THRIVE Garden Vegetable Seeds
I get a lot of questions about the Shelf Reliance Product Garden Vegetable Seeds. This is a number 10 can filled with seeds intended to be planted in your garden.  The seeds are non-hybrid and can there by be harvested from the plants saved and planted again and will remain true to the variety.  This is a great thing to add to your food storage.

Shelf Life:
Sealed Up to 3-5 years
Store in a cool, dry place

All seed varieties are non-hybrid and can be harvested from the plants and remain true to variety. This allows for perpetual food storage.

I opened up my can because I was getting so many questions about what was inside. We are planning on planting them in our garden this year. I will keep you posted on how they do.

The THRIVE Garden Seeds include a variety of vegetable seeds packaged in individual envelopes. Full planing, harvesting and seed collection instructions are included.

VegetableDescriptionWeight of seeds
Seeds come in individual envelopes.
Beans-Contender bush-Stringless6' long bean. Excellent canning and freezing variety 2 packages 1/2 pound each.
Beats-Detroit dark red-21/2" to 3' globe shaped roots. Tender and sweet. 1/4 oz.
Cabbage-Golden AcreA vigorous early cabbage with 5 to 6" round heads. Mild flavor. 1/16 oz.
Carrot-Scarlet Nates-Fine flavor 51/2" to 6" carrot. Sweet, plump, and coreless. 1/4 oz.
Corn-Golden Bantum 8 61/2 " to 7" ears with 8 rows f broad tender kernels. High yields. 1/4 lb.
Cucumber-(Straight Eigght, is what the package says, but the seed package says Cucumber, Muncher) 6-9' smooth green fruit. Not bitter or tough. Vigorous vines. 1/16 oz.
Lettuce-Salad Bowl Green-Tender and Sweet even when the heat sets in. Very slow to bolt. 1/8 oz.
Onion-Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish-Large, sweet, mild flavored onion. Stores well. 1/16 oz.
Pea-(Wando is what the can says but the packages says Green Arrow) Pods are 4" Good fresh, frozen or canned. 2 packages 1/2 lb each.
Pepper-Yolo Wonder L-4 1/2 " to 4" 3 to 4 lobed glossy peppers. Large plants.200 mg
Radish-Champion-Deep scarlet, globe shaped root. Firm and stands well 1/3 oz.
Spinach-Boomsdale Long Standing Heavy, glossy, dark green leaves. Slow to bolt. 1/4 oz.
Summer Squash-Zucchini Black Beauty-Long straight and slender. Firm, tender, very good flavor. 1/16 oz
Winter Squash-Sweet Meat-Deep yellow flesh is orange dry and fiber less. improves in storage. 1/8 oz.
Tomato-RutgersVery productive determinate habit. Round, sweet, 3 oz fruit. 100mg


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