Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brownie and Cookie Mix Made with Powdered Shortening

I find one of the hardest things to store in my food storage is fat.  Most options go rancid and some needs refrigeration, which really does not work for long term food storage.  Shelf Reliance offers both butter powder and shortening powder  which are great long term storage options.  But they are both just a little bit tricky to use, but I must say worth it. Powdered shorting (and butter) allow you to make your own mixes with your food storage so that you can have the ease of a packaged mix, and the long term storage.
This recipe makes a huge amount, but lets just be honest we all love dessert, so a huge amount is a good thing. Just make sure you are using a really big bowl to make the mix.

Brownie and Cookie Mix
9 cups all purpose flour
3 cups nonfat dry milk
3 TBSP baking powder
1 TBSP salt
4 cups shortening powder
4 cups sugar

Whisk all ingredients together.  Store in an airtight container. **Cookie mix will keep for several weeks

Brownies using brownie and cookies mix
We like these brownies in an 8 by 8 pan because it makes thick brownies, if you prefer thinner brownies use a larger pan.  These brownies have a crackly top just like boxed brownies.

2 cups cookie mix
2 eggs 2 squares unsweetened chocolate, melted  (or 1/2 cup chocolate chips melted)
½ cup brown sugar
3/4 cup water
2 teaspoons vanilla
½ cup walnuts chopped (optional)

Melt chocolate; blend all ingredients thoroughly adding nuts last. Spread in greased and floured 9” square pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Cool and cut into bars.

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  1. Looks yummy!! I even bought some unsweetened chocolate to give this a try!! (I never use that, I usually just use cocoa)..

    Do you have a cookie recipe using this mix, or are the brownies just unbeatable??