Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Team Contest, The difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food, Brazilian lemonade recipe

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The Process
Dehydrated-- Food is heated and water is removed through evaporation.  20-50% of water removed
Freeze Dried-- Food is flash frozen and then put into a vacuum and water is vaporized.  98% of Water is removed

Shelf Life
Dehydrated—1-8 year shelf life
Freeze Dried--25 year shelf life

Dehydrated-- Salt, Sugar and other preservatives
Freeze Dried-- Few/No additives

Dehydrated--50-60% of nutrients retained
Freeze Dried--97% of nutrients retained

Taste and Texture
Dehydrated-- Food is chewy, and flavor is muted.
Freeze Dried-- Food is crunchy and intensely flavored when dry, when rehydrated the texture and taste are similar to fresh or frozen.

Dehydrated-- Dehydrated food can be rehydrated using hot water.  Rehydration can take 20 plus minutes.
Freeze Dried-- Freeze Dried food was designed to be rehydrated with warm or cold water in about 5 minutes.


Put everything in a blender and mix well. 

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