Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Goals-Jan 12th

This week is a little crazy for me.  I have two LARGE parties this week and that is pretty much all I’m going to get done.   

 I usually limit myself to 1 party a week because that is what works best for my family.  But sometimes it just works out that I have two in one week.  This is one of those weeks. 

The first party is a Meal in a Jar party for a Women’s group.  So far we have 58 women who have RSVP’d, and ordered their meal in a jar.  They had to order and pay in advance, so I could have all the supplies ready.  This party with have a short presentation and then we’ll assemble their meals in a jar.  This party is about 2 hours away from my home so on party day the travel will take up a lot of time.  

The second party is my local monthly meal in a jar group.  So far I have 8 people that will be attending.   I love these parties but they are a fair amount of work. 

Host Coaching/Party Scheduling:
1.       Mail Host packets
2.       Do “Day Before” call with Tuesday’s host.

1.      Contact Leads (call Allison Monday to schedule party, Call Lyndsi Wed to update her)

Party Prep
1.      Prep for Tuesday’s Meal in a Jar Party
2.      Prep for Thursday’s Local Meal in a Jar Group

Team Training:
1.                  Team email—My fun new party presentation

 Blogging Goals:
1.      Photograph the Burrito Bowl Meal in a Jar Recipe
2.      Create printable and graphics for Burrito Bowl Recipe
3.      Publish Goals
4.      Publish Burrito Bowls Meal in a Jar recipe.
5.      Publish fruit pizza post

Other goals:
1.  Listen to the Tuesday Night corporate call.  I have a party during the call so I’ll have to listen to it when it is available online. 

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