Friday, February 21, 2014

Make a Thrive Life Party Binder

photo source: Jinx! 

It never fails I’ll be at a Thrive Life party and everything will be going great.  Guests are happy, samples are tasty, and then BAM a guest will ask an incredibly detailed question.  One I don’t know the answer to.  All the guests turn and look at me expecting me to have the answer. 

That is why I NEVER go to a party without my party binder.  Never, never ever. 

Because I just cannot remember everything about everything.

So I need that info with me, and easy to find. 

When I’m confronted by a crazy question I have no answer to I say “I’ll have to look that up, will you remind me about this after I pass out the samples?”  Then I look it up for them at the party so they have the answer right there.  
What is in my Thrive Life Party Binder?

Thrive Information
o   Thrive Product Detail Document—this has the all the allergen facts, and the countries of origin.  I get asked about both of those at EVERY party.  Don’t go to a party without this.  
o   Thrive Unadvertised Specials (UAS)
o   Cost per Serving—each quarter when the new price list comes out I do an in depth cost comparison to see what prices are changing.   As a part of that comparison I figure the cost per serving.  (I email it out to my 3 levels once a quarter so check your email).  I keep this in my binder for the hecklers that say Thrive is SOOO expensive.  When they see the price per serving they quiet right down. 
o   Garden Seeds—I get asked about this product a lot so I have a print out of everything that is included.

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